Updates and Tumblr Question

Hello Everyone, This is Yesenia.
Today’s post is a general update about our last two weeks.
It also asks the question: To Tumblr. Or not to TumbLr?

Some Updates
This month my mom visited, then our good friend flew down. Now, on Thursday, our special guests are Tracy’s parents. She really misses them so they are taking her on a much-needed vacation.
In the meantime, Tracy is still working on the character poses for Veil and Gemini, and soon after we will move on to Sapphire and Elena.

In the next couple of days you should see some updates the Taffetas Facebook from me. I will add more official artwork in the photos section and update the fan-gallery with the new art we’ve received from you all.

To Tumblr. Or not to Tumblr?

 Would you, as our readers, like a Taffetas Tumblr?
Would you prefer it to be a mirror reflection of our Blogger, where we update every two weeks with updates on the project, or more like a journal that updates sporadically with thoughts and in-progress sketches to compliment our Blogger?

You see, Tracy and I both have one now:
Originally it was Tracy’s initiative to figure out how Tumblr works and what the community is like in order to know if it was a route we should use for Taffetas. This isn’t the first time we considered it, but we are on the fence about whether we should take on another social media platform at the moment, while we are still working on developing content.


Dana Corrigan said...

Personally, I'd love to see a Taffetas Tumblr!

I think if you make a Tumblr, you should make it more sporatic with just any thoughts or in-progress sketches to compliment your blogger. That way, you won't be obligated to upkeep it regularly when you already have the other social media platforms, and viewers who want to see your bi-weekly updates can just follow your blog.

You could even put an alert on Tumblr whenever you have an update on the blog (the same kind of update you use on DeviantART), so your Tumblr followers will know whenever your blog updates.

The good part about Tumblr is how your posts can be shared and spread by your fans and viewers, and that might give you great exposure to new fans - especially now that you're getting into the visuals. Tumblr users loooove visuals.

The bad part is that it's another social media to keep up with. But I don't think there would be any harm in posting sporadically, however much you have time for whenever you have time for it.

Gigie said...

klwnfkwBTEJT- AAAAAH, adorable art!
You guys keep improving <3 I'm so excited when everything's put together and the first episode airs!

Agreed with Dana above, better to type an update than to reupload images or somehow connect the two if possible. It will be a pain to try to upload everything on all social sites. Unless you have super fast uploading speed. Even then it can be a hassle.

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