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Hello Everyone,

Tracy MacLauchlan,  co-producer of Taffetas here!
It's been quite a journey re-working our story and pitch, but we've been making a lot of progress thanks to critique from our wonderful friends and the research we conducted these last few weeks.

One thing we didn't realize though was that we are not giving you the full story of production here on our blog. The Taffetas is a team effort after-all, with all the volunteer works, support, and critique it has fueled our continuing progress, and so we want to give back to anyone who is struggling with the same things we are.

With all of your support and permission, we'd like to bring the process of re-creating our show into the spotlight a little more to gain your opinions along the way. We're also going to share information, our thoughts, and what we've learned and the books we've read and the people we've talked to. Yesenia and I are the first to admit we're not perfect- we're new to pitching and producing animation - but we're certainly on our way and I think as a collective team we can all inspire each other.

So what does that mean for The Taffetas and for all of you?
It means Yesenia and I have some tutorials, sketches, insights, and resources to share with you all for the next couple of weeks. We also hope to hold more conversations with our supporters in our comments, on our facebook, or through e-mail as we continue our progress!

For the next few weeks, the blog will be updated weekly on Wednesdays with these special posts. Our schedule is as follows:

- Week 1 : Our Progress
This is a general update on where we are right now with Taffetas as well as what Yesenia and I have been up to personally.

- Week 2 : Character Creation
I will share some thoughts I have about creating your own compelling characters from the inside out. Includes a list of reading and resource recommendations.

- Week 3 : Geekend Lecture about Monetizing Your Online Content
For all those who are struggling with their own online content, Yesenia and will share an audio recording of Linus Olsson's lecture from the Geekend Convention in Savannah Georgia. She will also discuss our thoughts and what this has inspired us to do for the production of Taffetas.

- Week 4 : Research Research Research
Everyone knows its important, but how do you go about it and how do you make it relevant to your story? Our time lately has been spent hitting the books and we will be giving details on the things we've read to make the Taffetas a better story, as well as tips for doing your own research and recommended reading.

- Week 5 : Taking a stance on our story
This will be an overview of what direction the new story for The Taffetas is headed and why, as well as our advice and thoughts on picking a theme for your story!

- Week 6 : Drawing Characters
A post on tips and tricks for drawing character images using Taffetas as reference.

It's been a long road to travel, but we hope that by sharing some of the knowledge that we've learned, it can go along way to help all those who have helped us.

And here's where we start a conversation with you all:
Is there anything that YOU are dying to hear, learn, or talk about that you think Yesenia and I could make a post on? Take a look at our own personal work and feel free to ask away if there's any kind of tutorial or thoughts you would like from us.

Yesenia Carrero -
Co-producer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Tracy MacLauchlan -
Co-producer, Animator, Character Designer

Leave us a message below, post a comment on our facebook page, or write us at!

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