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What IS the Taffetas?

 Hello Everyone,

We hope these last few weeks have been great for you all! As for us, we've been in the middle of moving from one end of the country to the other, all the while mentally preparing ourselves for the new version of our Taffetas pitch based on the changes we have made to the story and how we wish to present our material from here on out.

The first thing we tackled was our new LOGLINE, essentially a tv-guide like synopsis of the show. From there, we moved on to explaining not what our story was, but what the show actually is.


In a contemporary city full of quirky fantasy characters, a bubbly ex-sea captain finds refuge in the apartment of her uptight, undead crush. The two hold onto their mismatched relationship despite the outlandish drama they encounter, from needy sirens and gossiping gargoyles to deadly cult plots and the dark secrets from their own pasts.

What is it?
The Taffetas is an animated soap opera with a fantasy spin.

Genre: Fantasy
Media Format: Web Television
Target Audience: Women and girls 16-25
Running Time: approximately 8-15 minutes with 30 minute specials.

The Taffetas isn’t your mother’s soap opera. It’s a chic animation done in a charming lineless style set in a quirky, contemporary fantasy setting. The Taffetas story consists of offbeat character-driven plots that appeal to our target audience of women and girls 16-25.The show’s world and cast of characters is relatable to the modern young woman and fantastical enough to entice her.

As a reminder to all our readers, any critique is welcome! If you need help, as you read these, ask yourself:

Does the writing make sense? If not, what's confusing?
Is the writing intriguing enough? If not, any ideas how to spice things up?
Anything Else?

And of course, if you just happen to like what we've done, we'd love to hear that too! You can reply in a comment below or write us on facebook.

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