"So Cool" Boards by Gretshelle Rivera

So Cool Boards
Here we have scene about Elena, Sapphire, and Gemini's dynamic. Gemini, a silly, quirky 20-something woman, seems an odd match for Sapphire, a 19-year-old gargoyle who is fiercely independent, and, well, cool! Still, the two are best friends for better or worse, and unfortunately for our popularity-obsessed teenage siren, Elena, it's difficult to join that inner circle.

These boards were drawn by Gretshelle Rivera, an up-and-coming young artist who took on the So Cool storyboards as one of her first steps into the story boarding world. We particularly find the expressions she draws spot on for the characters, not to mention they are simply beautiful to look at! Her rendition of Sapphire is killer!

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