The Taffetas Fall-Winter 2011/2012 plan

Hello Everyone,
This is an update to our last post. As we had mentioned, The Taffetas will be undergoing some tweaking in order to finalize the pitch. Over the last months we have met with writers, animators, and individuals who have had successful pitches in the past in order to receive critique and fine-tune our work. 

A lot has evolved since then.
We are now going to apply what we learned to our current pitch. This includes updating our design of the book (as we have grown as artists since then), updating some of the writing, and creating new art specific to the pitch.

Here is our task list for Fall and Winter 2011-2012:

Updating the Written Pitch
We want to comb over the written portion of the pitch and create a description that is clear and concise. Much of what we have written in the past will be edited and finalized for the pitch presentation.
The portions we will be going over includes: What We Are Trying to Accomplish With Our Story, What Are Story Is & What It Is Not, Story Synopsis, Individual Character Bios, Episode Synopsis, and Why Our Series is Different from all the Rest.
  1. What We Are Trying to Accomplish With Our Story
    Essentially a brief description of what our show is – our genre, target audience, the media we set it in and why we chose that route.
  2. What Are Story Is & What It Is Not
    This is a new section to our written pitch. The basic premise is simple; write a list of what your show is and what it is not. This will help set guidelines for the show and aims to clear up any confusion before it arises.
  3. Story Synopsis
    Our story is the same as it always has been, however we have found that a little reworking goes along way. We will be updating our story synopsis based on critique we have received for better clarity.
  4. Character Bios
    We will be presenting our characters much more simply, with a small description and how they fit into the world around them. New characters will be added, and updates to already set characters will be created.
  5. Episode Synopsis
    The structure of our series has changed greatly since the start of our pitch. A description for a rough guide of all of the first seasons’ episodes and a series synopsis for the next 3 seasons after will be written out. 
  6. Why Our Series is Different from all the Rest
    We know why, but we have never thought to place the reasons why right on a page. This will change.

Adding New Art Pieces
After finishing  a majority of the written work, we will be moving on to finalizing the artwork. This will include new art specifically for the pitch book and additional concept art of our characters.

Works will be added as the written portion progresses, however the art we are planning to create includes:
    • Updating Gemini and Veil’s Pose & Expression Sheets.
    • Adding a pose sheet of them together
    • Veil and Gemini Height Comparison
    • Finishing and styling the screenshots
    • A concept illustration of our characters within their environment
      (This time we will pay attention the style of our backgrounds as well as our characters)
    • New Character Line Ups
Additional things to keep a look out for:
    • Blog updates
      We are planning an easier to navigate directory with updated information.
      Layout and art surrounding the blog may change as well.
    • The Revival of our official Website
    • Promotional Materials
      More details will arise later on. Right now this applies to the creation of promos for the places we will be pitching to.
What happens after the completion of the pitch book?
After our pitch is tidied up, we will be spending the rest of the year on a SHORT ANIMATED SCENE from our new pilot episode, followed by possible ANIMATED TEASERS. If you are a voice actor waiting on an update, sit tight guys. You will be utilized!
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