The Taffetas Pitch Project- 2011 and beyond

The Taffetas pitch project has been in production for almost nine months and we have been blessed with a team of volunteer artists who brought everything to fruition. Our pitch so far includes a pitch website, a pitch book, a facebook page and various promotional artworks and illustrations, mostly all made within the first six months of production. These last three months have been about updating our pitch from the very core by assessing our story and characters honestly and revising as needed, as well as finishing off some loose ends from last quarter with the help of our many artist volunteers.

Thanks to critique and some wonderful creative inspiration and advice from peers and mentors, we have come up with a lot of new, exciting ideas for The Taffetas as a show and animation as well as for the pitch itself and are excited to implement these for the  final version of our pitch package for Fall/Winter 2011-2012. Granted, we know this is a date a little later than we had hoped to have everything wrapped up by- originally the plan was to get it all finalized by the end of this Summer. However, this is obviously not the case now. The last few weeks have been very eye-opening and we feel the extra time will be well-spent. We feel our show and 2012's pitch will be the strongest it has been yet!

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