Queen Mary's Isle & Veil's Apartment

The Taffetas series takes place in a modern world parallel to our own. It has streets like our own, with modern neighborhoods, stores, and shopping malls - but what make it special are the residents who live there. Gargoyles, Werefolk, Golems, Elves, and other mythology-inspired creatures mix with humans to create a fantasy world where even the most average day is quite extraordinary!

Queen Mary’s Isle is the place where Veil and Gemini rent their first apartment together, and where the story first takes place. It is one of those over populated cities like Manhattan or New York, filled to the brim with a cast of colorful characters all with different personalities and backgrounds. It's where every street corner has a winged hot-dog seller and the only good coffee joints around are those which are run by a family of sirens.

Veil lives in a rather dumpy apartment complex with far too many rooms per floor (and really nosy neighbors!). It’s wedged between a district of these extremely fancy boutiques, kind of an eyesore and out of the way. It’s in the middle of the city and close to the city park.

The inside of his apartment, however, is as clean as can be, albeit a little bare. Although small, it has two floors- with the bottom floor having a kitchen, a small dining room, a living room, and Veil's prized study. The upstairs has his room and a never-used guest bedroom, as well as a bathroom. Veil spends all of his money on clothes, fashion, books, and his little Pomeranian, so he hasn’t much in the way of homey d├ęcor.

Veil's study is truly his home, though. It is a two-stories tall, windowless, modern room that is more rectangular than anything else. Like the rest of his apartment, the style of the furniture and bookshelves is very modern, minimalist, and sleek, with a lot of straight lines and angles and few curves. However, since Gemini has moved in, not only has the previously barren guest bedroom livened up, but a few eclectic items have been sneaking into the surroundings of the overall apartment, especially the study, such as googly-eyed koosh-balls and goofy nautical-themed paraphernalia.

It's like an invasion!

However, the shark jaw bone hanging on one of the walls of the study is Veil's, to which he never seems to bother to explain or even notice.

Concept art (top) by the talented Cassandra Rink
Concept art (middle, bottom) by the talented and hard-working Noelle Giffin
Past concept art by the wonderful Zavian Archibald

Animation Test 02

You need Flash Player to view this test!

Remember we are on the lookout for Flash Animators and AE compositors for the project!

Here's the Veil mock/test animation for our show, you can view the first mock/test animation of Gemini here.

Ultimately, while there were some problems found in the puppet set up, we are excited to see our idea for production running smoothly.

New Fashion Post!


Hello everyone! Check out these super awesome new dresses designed by our newest fashion designer, Jamie Thompson. Jamie decided to reference different clothing styles from all around our world to give to Gemini, who has traveled across the lands of her own earth as the captain of the legendary James W. Thompson ( and yes, Gemini's boat is named after Jamie's newlywed husband, because he has a rather awesome name ;) ).

Top references: (L) Mexico, (R) Japan
Bottom references: (L) China, (R) Africa

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Fashion Designs by Jamie M. Thompson
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