Our Bees Will Block Out the Sun

Comic by Brianna Alexander

Here's a fun comic created by the ever-amazing Brianna Alexander. Last quarter she made us three other comics to exemplify our two main characters' quirky personalities and funny dynamic with each other before they even have to deal with problems such as the kind that comes from antagonistic demons, gossips, and cult leaders.

This quarter Brianna has continued with that mission with this cute and silly scenario that any girl with big hair and flowery-scented shampoo and her boyfriend or husband must surely be able to relate to.

comic by the marvelous Brianna Alexander


Sapphire the gargoyle is Gemini's best friend. She has an extremely large family that hangs around her house all day, loafing around and looking generally more menacing than they actually are. Fun fact: when gargoyles fly, they fly like sporadic bats (sometimes making cute little "Screeee!" noises). No wonder Sapphire prefers to walk.
Storyboards by the talented Virgil Boyd

Good Lucks Coffee

Welcome to Good Lucks,

Since 1971, Good Lucks has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffee in the world and selling to you, our valued customer, without the use of our powers of persuasion.

No, really.

Concept Art by the amazing Marilyn Cole.
The Taffetas series takes place in a modern world parallel to our own. It has streets like our own, with modern neighborhoods, stores, and shopping malls - but what make it special are the residents who live there. Gargoyles, Werefolk, Golems, Elves, and other fantasy and mythology-inspired creatures mix with humans to create a fantasy world where even the most average day is quite extraordinary!

Even a trip to the fast-growing chain of coffee stores, Good Lucks, is quite the fantastical experience. Run by sirens, the workers there are quite nice, and you're certain to come back for more and more coffee thanks to the astounding customer service that is sure to convince you that Good Lucks is the best coffee shop around.

But more interesting than the workers are the customers, as Good Lucks is a meeting place for everybody, and if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of a famous hero or God amongst the common races that inhabit this world.

Parody logo by Yesenia Carrero, Concept Art by the amazing Marilyn Cole

Animation Puppets & Updated Animation Assignments Soon

Hello Everyone!

The base puppets for The Taffetas are almost all finished being "rigged" in Flash. Also, this gives us some time to add on to our Animation Assignments in the coming days based on some suggestions and ideas from Chris Spry, professional Flash animator and creator of Tooth and Claw, and John Webber, ex-Disney animator and our overseeing professor this quarter from Savannah College of Art and Design. We are excited to get our characters out and animated and these puppets will be ready for their first test runs ASAP, with Gemini ready to be released this coming week. So be sure to stay tuned for updates and to write us an e-mail us at ycarre20@student.scad.edu if you are interested in animating for us.

Here's a preview of the Gem Rig with all the masks visible- spooky isn't it? :)

Dreamweaver LiveStream Recording

thetaffetas on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Hello Everyone,

Here's the Dreamweaver livestream. You can follow along with what I'm doing with this file: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12229902/mockups.zip. If anyone has any questions or needs help, feel free to ask!

Web Design Livestream

Hello everyone!

Since a lot of people seemed really interested I shall conduct a Livestream on creating a website. This is for anyone out there who wants to know more about website creation and design, and who are looking for tips and tricks for their own possible endeavors. It will go over the basics of how I take a design and utilize layers in Dreamweaver to mimic any image mock-up (The best ones are layered .psd files).
This is going to help anyone from beginner to pro create fast, amazing looking websites that follow your dream design (Rather than creating a design based off of the capabilities of tables or other such box shapes).

For examples of the type of work I am going to be doing for this tutorial, check out these sites:
(I figured since portfolio sites are the types many of the group will be creating, those would be the best to showcase)

Possible web design tutorial

Hello everyone,

I (Yesenia Carrero) was thinking of doing a podcast on web design while I create the website for The Taffetas, is anyone interested? Let me know in the comments here, through e-mail, or on our facebook if that would be something people would like to see.

As for my skill level, I have studied graphic design for four years with my specialty being web design. I have experience designing over 50+ websites, 15 of them done within the last year for various clients, including my and Tracy's portfolio websites:

If anyone is interested, a design can take me anywhere from 1 day to 4, depending on complexity, so I am more than willing to livestream throughout that time to answer questions and give some advice and tips for aspiring web-designers or people just interested for their own website endeavors. Dreamweaver will be used.

Thanks everyone!

The James W. Thompson

The James W. Thompson is the legendary ship Gemini used to captain with a crew of over 100. It's still debated among storytellers whether the Thompson ever truly existed and just what its purpose was- a cruise liner for the elite, a pirate ship? - however our titular characters are all too aware of its past existence, the tragic loss of which caused Gemini's life at sea (and air) to be grounded for a while. At least she was on land long enough to get closer to Veil, but the thrill of the fantastical lifestyle as the captain of a flying ship still calls to our leading heroin.

Later in the series, however, Gemini does get to relive some of her sea-faring past through the use of her much smaller and less-legendary flying yacht, the Jamie M. Thompson.
Created by the ever amazing Tony Ramos with awesome name inspired by...James W. Thompson
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