The Birth of Something Beautiful

This Spring Quarter's poster for enlisting help at the Savannah College of Art and Design campus. If the pose looks familiar, its because it is referencing Botticelli's, The Birth of Venus.

The image above does not do it justice. The original printed poster will be done in a 3 layer cut out format where Veil is jumping in from the left.

Here's the poster without the 3D parts. This one will soon be plastered all over the SCAD campus :D

Meet Gabardine Taffeta

Gabardine Taffeta the distant father
  • Scutcher*?! That, sir, is racist and immoral! If I weren't a gentleman I'd beat you with my shoe! I've done it before, god dammit!
  • You know what I had as a kid? I had a single room, and a window for four people. A single room and a goddamn window and I worked hard to provide for my family a lot more than that. I fed and I clothed my goddamn undeserving, ungrateful kids and I kept my wife and Bobbinet** out of the factories. I am a great husband and father , a steady provider as any man should be.
  • I don't want my son, dammit! I want my wife!

Gabardine Taffeta, father to Veil Taffeta, is a pompous, celebrated non-fiction author and journalist with anger issues. He is the kind of person who has to be right about every little thing, even in unsubstantial disagreements. Luckily for him, very few people want to challenge this bear-like, gruff-voiced man. Truly, he's an uncouth fellow trying to pass as civilized and holds high expectations of those around him that he cannot always live up to himself. In all, he’s quite hard to get along with, and it’s possible the only person he’s ever felt love and compassion for is his wife, Lace Taffeta.

Though, he has been staring at Gemini a lot lately.

* scutcher is a derogatory term for Veil's race
** Veil's stepmother

Meet Lace

Lace Taffeta the possessed

  • Oh no no no no, shhhhh....
  • Poor girl, poor girl...

Not much is known about Veil’s mother, Lace. Her husband remembers her as a saint, but her son does not speak of her at all. He’d rather not let this part of his life resurface, but Lace cannot remain buried in his past forever…

Meet Sapphire

Sapphire the mean-girl best friend

Sapphire is a 19-year-old gargoyle with a desire to have fun and live life by her own rules. She has a lot of friends, family, and gentleman callers, but is mostly an independent type and forms few close relationships. At the end of the day, she only loves and cares for her house, which her large family, a bunch of moochers and freeloaders, always seem to dirty.

  • Yeah, um, excuse you.
  • Gemini, best friend, come girl!.
  • MM... no. I only want passion fruit banana smoothies, because I am just sooo... passionate about bananas~
  • Yeah. No. Everybody wants to be my friend. Including you.
  • ughh, what could he possibly see in her when he could have this....I mean look at me (pause) ...yeah I know right?

She is the Gemini’s best friend, although you might never know it by how often they bicker. Despite being younger than Gemini, she has life, especially sex-life, figured out more than Gemini does and is more than willing to offer advice (much to Veil’s dismay).

Sapphire is not afraid to use her good looks, which she works day in and day out for, for her own personal gain. She proudly carts around her newest, toned boyfriend s in order to look good at parties. However, that doesn't stop her from envying her bumbling best friend's luck in love.

Smart, sophisticated and sassy, Sapphire plays a large role as Gemini’s rival and closest confidant.

Gemini Base Puppet


Here's the base puppet for Gemini Taffeta. She is set up so that we can use many of the same shapes in her different angle views to achieve the effect of "2.5-D" (the illusion of flat shapes being 3-D by manipulating them to look as though they're moving in space).

She is also set up so that we can put her in a new outfit for every episode. Ultimately, there will be extra puppet parts we'll have to create along the way on a shot-to-shot basis, but her base shapes are done and ready for production!

Storyboard Scripts Spring 2011

Hello Everyone,

Here are some new scripts for our new batch of storyboard artists! They range from large to small, serious to funny, and we hope this offers a nice variety for everyone to choose from. They will be handed out on a first come, first-serve basis based off of what each individual storyboard artist would like to do.

We're looking for our boards to be 720x480, 300 DPI images. We encourage our board artists to enchance, alter, or add on to the scripts in any way they need to or see fit (don't go crazy, or contact us first before you change anything drastic).

Should we need to add more scripts, no worries, we certainly have more scenes we can write up at any time!

(Also titles were added on to the scripts, however as we could not come up with the most amazing ones we are open to suggestions)


Veil and Gem are sitting together on the couch quietly. Veil is writing something and Gemini is idly looking at a photo with Veil and his father, stepmother, and stepbrother.

“Hey baby,” Gemini starts, “how come you’re blue?”

Veil pauses in his writing but does not look up from the paper.

Gem looks at him expectantly.

“I paint myself this color every morning.” Veil says without batting an eyelash.

Gem blinks “REALLY?!” and pokes her husbands nose, with a “hey!” from him, strokes her finger, and then looks at her finger with a scrunched nose.

Veil looks at Gem disappointedly. “Really now.”

Gemini frowns at Veil.

Veil sighs. “Alright —“

Gemini starts to smile

“I eat too many blueberries.”

“VEIL!” Gemini exasperates

“Like a flamingo.” Veil states flatly, waving his hands out.

“nuh-uh- what?”

“never mind.”

Gemini rolls her eyes and crosses her arms pouting.

Gemini asks again- “baby, okay why are you blue?”

“Ah, I’m just so melancholy it shows on my skin.” Veil replies.

Gemini continues to frown.

Time passes. We now start a montage-like thing to show the passage of time and the idea that Gemini continually asks this of veil:

Veil and Gemini are going to bed.

“Veil so why are you blue?” Gemini asks as Veil goes to kiss her goodnight.

Veil looks at Gemini in disappointment. “Because it goes great with my eyes.”

Cut to morning, Gemini serves Veil blueberry pancakes with “WHY BLUE?” written in syrup.

“because you keep the temperature too low in this house.”

Cut to Veil and Gemini walking their Pomeranian dogs.

“Well, water droplets in the atmosphere reflect off of the sunlight and make my skin appear blue.”

another scene,
“because all kids are doing it.”
Gemini shaking Veil awake in the middle of the night, grabbing onto the collar of his shirt.

Veil, who is really groggy when woken: “Because...spiders…in the fishbowl darling.”

It’s morning, and Veil is already up and dressed, but is lying on the bed reading. Gemini is getting ready for the morning, brushing her hair on their bed.

“Come on.” Gem says. “is there any reason why you’re blue and your family isn’t, baby? It’s okay if you were adopted. I won’t think any less of you.”

“…” Veil blinks. “Actually, darling, I have been remiss by not telling you sooner. I am actually a particular shade of green. “

Gem’s face grows pale.

“I think you might be color blind.”

Gem’s eyes grow wide and her lips trembles. She gets up off of the bed slowly “nuh-uh—that—can’t be---“ and suddenly Gem runs out of the room. “euuhh!!!”

Veil sits there for a moment or two watching where Gemini left. “…” and finally, he turns his attention back to his book, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, Gemini is in a room in their house that is full of stuffed animals, bottled ships, pirate paraphernalia and the like. She’s freaking out a little and has made a pile of blue things she can find from the junk. She picks up another blue item- a small blue whale stuffed animal, and with large eyes goes “is this---is thiiiis blluuuuuueeee??” and she moves the whale close to her face, squints her eyes, and screams“EUUHhhh!!!”

“Hey, whatcha doin’?” a voice starts from behind her.

Gemini whips around to see Ronnie, the Golem, hovering over her tapping his fingers, Ronnie always has a smile on his face and wide eyes.

“RONNIE!!” Gemini jumps up. “wwhaaatt collooorr are my eyes?!” She gets on her tippy-toes to try to (futilely) reach eye level with the golem. She widens her eyes and points at them. “What-color-are-my-eyes?” she frowns.

Ronnie blinks.

“Well I think they’re blue?”

Gem frowns. “what color are THOSE-“ she points to the pile of blue items.

“Blue” Ronnie smiles, tapping his fingers together.

Gemini grabs at her hair. “I’m not color blind am I?!”

Ronnie, still smiling, shakes his head slowly. “Funny story, I knew someone who was color blind once. This man, well, he couldn’t see the color red. Do you know how awful that is?” Ronnie explains this story to Gemini as though she were a child, “This man though, he bled to death and couldn’t even see the blood.” Ronnie continues to smile.

Gem looks up at Ronnie with watery eyes, sniffling.

“Oh, it’s okay,” Ronnie, continuing to smile, kneels down and pats Gemini’s shoulder with his HUMONGOUS hand. “He deserved it and everybody dies. Everyone.”

Gemini pouts, then suddenly her brow furrows and she growls, “VEEEILLL!!!” and she storms out of the room.

Ronnie waves to Gemini. "Guess I'll just sit here then."

“Veeeil!” Gemini enters the room she had left earlier; Veil has moved on to another book by now.

“Veil I am NOT color blind!” she growls.

Veil looks up from his book as Gemini, growling like a little Pomeranian, hovers over him.

“Blue is my FAVORITE color Veil—“

“Alright-“ Veil holds up his hands in defense- he looks down, furrows then looks back up at Gemini.

“I’m blue… because I knew it would make you happy, darling.” He offers a small, mischievous smile until - “ouf!”- A pillow comes reigning down upon him.

“VEIL!!” Gemini breathes angrily “I just want you to stop giving me these stupid answers and-“

“-stupid questions beget stupid answers, Darling-“

“UGH!” Gemini starts to hit Veil more frequently and harder with the pillow, “- JUST -TELL – ME – WHAT – I - WANT –TO – KNOW - FOR – ONCE - IT’S – NOT - FAIR-“

“stop – it-“ Veil pipes up between pillow hits.

Gemini continues with the pillow barrage, “THAT - YOU - KNOW - EVERYTHING ABOUT – ME - AND - I – KNOW – NOTHING – ABOUT- YOU-“



Veil growls and grabs the pillow. “I held my breath for too long, Gemini” he glares at her.

“OH, STOP IT VEIL.” Gem waves off veil and glares at him. She scrunches her face and hit shim one last time with the pillow and storms off.

Veil continues to sit where he was. He tints his fingers and looks after where Gemini left for a long time. His angry expression softens and he sighs loudly.


Gemini, beat up and a little and frightened looking, cautiously walks down what seems like an old abandoned mine either from a past war or mining expedition. She is clutching tight to a harpoon.

There are blood stains along the walls and signs of past struggles- small footprints, plenty of long, black hair hanging around, some fingernails, and articles of clothing, glasses, etc. The creepiest thing however, is that as Gemini goes farther down, the walls are lined with random objects that probably fell out of Lace’s victims pockets—they’re strung up on the walls. Bubble gum wrappers, dolls, playing cards, school pictures from friends, bits of money, love notes, yo-yo’s, candies, and other innocent objects are suddenly twisted and dark in the connation they are amassed in.

Gemini stumbles down the hallway half-disoriented. Her mind won’t let her see the whole picture. As if trying to protect her she only seems to register the simplicity and innocence of each individual item- a teddy bear here, a gum wrapper there.

However, at the end of the tunnel is a light—a flickering, glowing orange one coming from the flame of a rather large kerosene lamp in the ending room. Before Gemini even gets in the room, she can see Lace’s shadow on wall and some of her hair sticking out of the entryway.

Gemini enters the room cautiously, crouching low with her harpoon. She then has to hold back a gasp as she sees Veil in the room. He is pushed down on a chair by his mother who coos to him softly “no no no no no shhhhh…” but he does not seem to be all there. He stares at the ceiling through half-closed eyes and a lack of expression. He is roughed up and scratches and bite marks are showing on his skin. Blood trickles down from his forehead down and down his chin.

The room they're in is kind of eerily decorated with older, but "civilized" things. There’s a chifferobe, a table with a kerosene lamp, a gramophone, some nice antique chairs, and lots of random pieces of lace (the fabric, you know, not the person) just lying around or tacked onto the walls to try to make things "pretty", but some of the lace is understandably stained in blood and torn.

Lace herself is barefoot and her face is obscured by spider-web like hair that magically seems to just be all over everything (strands of it get caught in corners of the room and interweave in the area like a web). She’s in some kind of old (lace?) dress that you can tell used to be beautiful but is torn, dirty, and bloody. Her shoulder’s bleeding from an attack prior.

Veil warily peers through half-lids to Gemini but does not seem to have any other reaction.

Lace, noticing the reaction, whips around and turns to see Gemini as well. “Oh no no no no no…” she whispers, and slides off of her son to stand tall in front of Gemini. She practically looms over our little heroine.

Gemini’s hair bristles in fear, but she acts quickly. She runs towards the ominous witch.


We open to Veil running through a forest, misty and cold from an evening rain. With his hair in disarray with leaves and twigs in it and the deep circles under his eyes, and a five o’clock shadow tell of a good many days and nights spent sleepless and preoccupied. As he runs, he fights awkwardly through trees and flora as he trips over vines and roots and gets his nice shoes caught in mud. (note: Veil does terrible in a forest terrain, basically this is what we want to show here)

“Gemini!” He calls out during all this aimless running. “Gemini!” Birds and animals scurry with every yell. Veil continues onward into the forest shouting for Gemini, not realizing signs of danger – a bone here or there in the ground, an increasing silence of animals.

And something watches him from the bushes (a POV from the ‘something’ would be nice here)

“Gemini!” Veil calls as he gets to a clearing in the forest. He looks left, he looks right.

A shadow figure dashes past in the bushes catches his attention.


Suddenly, a growling noise. Veil turns to look behind him, his eyes grow large and he just barely dodges out of the way of a shadowy disfigured humanoid who lunges at him, but no sooner does he move to his new position when he quickly has to dodge another one who comes out of the bushes, and another and another until it becomes obvious that the blue elf is surrounded by a pack.

He runs with the human figures snapping at heels, and every clumsy trip over a branch or root brings that much closer to being caught.

Eventually, he becomes trapped at the edge of a cliff. It seems like the end until another surprise figure comes from the side and pounces Veil Taffeta off of the cliff. Both figures fall off into the river below with a SPLASH.

A moment of silence. Veil Taffeta is the first to surface, gasping for air and fighting the currents. He looks around, and suddenly, he’s pulled under the water again. There’s a struggle in the water with the figure, Veil kicks it with his foot and begins swimming for the shore (note: Veil is a good swimmer), but the thing pursues him.

Veil just makes it to the shore, a sandy little area in the mouth of a half-curved rock wall. The thing pursuing him grabs at his ankle just as he hits land. Veil turns around and grabs the thing and flings it over onto the shore and struggles with it for a minute or two before he is able to pin it down.

But suddenly, he freezes.

The thing he has pinned, snapping at him like a rabid dog, is Gemini. Her clothes are tattered and her skin is splotched with black spots. Her hair is frayed and dirty. Her eyes are an eerie white, she looks almost blind.

“Oh no no no…” Veil utters, shocked. “Gem-“

Gemini continues to snap at him and squirm beneath his hold.

We see the complete shock and worry on Veil’s face slowly turn to a coldness as he visibly swallows those emotions. He inhales deep to collect himself.

“No no no no shhhh—“ he coos to her. “Gemini…I’m not-” he almost loses his grip on her and has to push down again “-I’m not going to give up on you.”

Gemini squirms and continues to growl, but seems to calm.

“Shhhh…no no no no no... Gemini, I don’t care whatever the hell you think you are—“

Her expression changes and her eyes water, her nose becoming red.


Her growling gets less and less until she finally lets out a loud sob and passes out.

Veil breathes in shakily and gently lifts Gemini in his arms. He starts to carry her farther onto the shore. He kisses her forehead.

In the distance, watching them, shadowy black figures begin to group together again, stalking their prey.

Fade to black.

"Sapphire's House"
(Undertaken by : Virgil Boyd)

Gemini and Sapphire walk down an urban street together. They’re carrying bags of clothing and chatting merrily.

“Well, here’s my house.” Sapphire states, placing her arm on her hip. The house looks looming and dark, with what appear to be shadowy gargoyles perched around the roof.

“Ugh I can’t believe this.” Sapphire states, stepping forward waving her arms around “shoo! Shoo!” Suddenly, the gargoyles flutter off of the house in a large group, screeching ‘screeeee!’ and flapping about madly (think: how bats fly, kind of erratically) along the way. They reveal an actually normal-looking house.

“Yeah. I hate my cousins.” Sapphire says, unamused.

(Undertaken by : Kelsey Wooley)

Veil and his son, Licorice, are sitting in the living room reading together.

Veil turns to a page with an elephant on it. “Elephant…” Veil reads.

“Euuhh!” Licorice says.

“Can you say, Elephant?” He kisses his son on the forehead.

“mmmmm…” Licorice replies, patting the book.

“Come on son, say ‘elephant’”

Licorice looks up at his father and makes another “euuhh” noise. Veil, sighing, turns the page. On this page is a giraffe. “Oh, look.” Veil says, raising his eyebrows.

Both he and Licorice knowingly turn to look at a stuffed giraffe toy on the chair opposite of them.

Licorice makes grabby hands for the toy.

“Do you want your giraffe?” Veil asks.

Licorice turns to veil and points to it.

“Say ‘giraffe’ and we’ll get you the toy.”

“euuhhh!!!” Licorice starts tugging at his father and pointing, his eyes watering.

“Son, say giraffe.”

Licorice starts screaming and throwing a fit, Veil tries to hold him.

“—Say ‘giraffe’, Licorice-“ and he adds quietly: “please.”

“Give him the toy Veil!” Gemini yells from outside of the room. She enters with her hands on her hips.

Veil looks up at his wife, “darling, he’s nearly three-“

Gemini lets out an audible sigh and rolls her eyes. “Just give him the toy! Why are you doing this, Veil?”

Veil grumpily avoids eye contact.

“Ugh!” Gem exasperates, she grabs Licorice from Veil and kisses her son on the cheek. She sets the child on the chair with the stuffed giraffe. She frowns and gives Veil a look, pointing to the door leaving the room.

Veil sighs and gets up from his chair, exiting the room. Gem follows behind him, leaving Licorice to play quietly with the giraffe on the chair.

As soon as Gemini leaves the room, she starts: “why can’t you just accept our son the way he is?!”

Veil, arms crossed, back turned to Gemini. “Because he can do better, god dammit. I’m not going to give up on him.”

Gemini grabs Veil’s arm and forces him to turn around.

“Veil, I think if he could talk he would have by now, just to please his father.”

Veil and Gemini stare at each other angrily. Finally, Veil scoffs, breaks the eye contact and brushes off his wife.

He goes to enter the room again, only to pause. The door is open a crack with the giraffe stuffed animal left in the opening.

"Guess What"
(Undertaken by : Joshua Herstien)

Gemini skips into Veil's study as he sits, working on something on his typewriter. She is humming. She is wearing a cute dress with a bow on her head.

"Veeeeiilll~" she coos, and wraps her arms around him, blushing, "Guess what I'm not wearing right now~"

Gemini leans down and whispers in Veil's ear.

Veil's eyes grow large, and he turns to her with a disgusted expression. "Why would you do that?! "

"Sooo Cool"

We open up to a shopping mall area. Elena shifts through the crowd. She comes across a small group of popular-looking young women, all laughing together. She awkwardly jumps in the middle of the crowd, laughing with them. "hahahaha! I know- funny right? We're all just having a laugh."

The women stop laughing and look at each other.

"As friends. ha. ha." Elena grins, baring her frightening angler teeth.

The women scowl and trot away from Elena.

"Oh- No-wait! ooohhh..." She sighs, and rubs her arm. "Hmmm..."

Elena turns around to see Gemini, a dorky-looking chubby girl in a ridiculous outfit. "hiiiiiii!" Gemini grins from ear to ear, "I heard you were looking for friends? My name is Gemini, I was named after the-"

Elena's expression turns sour and she looks past Gemini to see another group of popular-looking girls. "Yeah." and she roughly pushes Gemini aside in order to get to the group of good-looking girls.

Gemini frowns and places her hands on her hips. "Hmph." She sticks her nose up in the air and walks offscreen.

The group of popular girls all laugh at Elena. "PUH-leez!" one of them says, and the group marches away together, leaving Elena behind angry.

"MM... no. I only want passion fruit banana smoothies," a voice comes from Elena's left. "Because I am just sooo... passionate about bananas~" A winged bat-like gargoyle girl flirts with a server (note: It's Cypress) at a smoothie shop. She is surrounded by a group of other popular looking girls (and Gemini, who looks terribly out of place but is grinning from ear to ear none the less). The character herself, Sapphire, leans on the desk of smoothie shop, dressed in form-fitting jeans and a trendy top. She wears large, white sunglasses and has the shiniest lips imaginable.

Elena is enthralled- her eyes get even larger and she gasps. "So cool!"

"Oh, for me?!" Sapphire shrilly laughs, "for free? ohhh, how chivalrous!" She coos to the server, and blows him a kiss. With a flutter of her wings she heads away from the counter, unknowingly towards Elena.

"Gemini, best friend, come girl!" She snaps her fingers.

Gemini bumbles along behind Sapphire.

Elena gasps, but then smiles broadly. She dashes over to meet Sapphire halfway.

"Well, that was easy," Sapphire chuckles with Gemini. Suddenly, Elena pops up in front of Sapphire and Gemini. Elena roughly pushes Gemini out of the way to get closer to Sapphire.

"Oh, He--lloooo" Sapphire says, looking slightly disgusted. "Yeah, um, excuse you." Sapphire rolls her eyes and pushes Elena out of the way, but Elena suddenly yelps: "No Wait!" and she grabs sapphire's wrist. "Please be my friend!"

There's a pause as Sapphire and Gemini look at each other, and then both start laughing.

"Yeah, well that's obvious fish-girl everyone wants to be my friend," Sapphire starts, breaking free of Elena's grip. "But sweetie, I already have an ugly friend, and that's Gemini~"

"Hey!" Gemini frowns.

"Love you babe." Sapphire winks to her friend.

Elena looks down. "Oh, o-okay I'm sorry..."

Saph sighs audibly, and looks at Gemini, who still bears an angry expression on her face.

"No really, fish-girl, what do you want?" Sapphire puts her lips to her straw and drinks some smoothie. "Come on sweetie, no one acts that timid and nice without having an alternative motive."

Elena looks up with big, watery eyes. "I just really want some friends..."

Sapphire pauses, her glasses fall down a bit as she looks as though she might have some shred of human compassion rising up within her.

"Euh- look at me, I just want some friends- euh" Sapphire mocks, then takes a cold slurp of her smoothie. The sound of the liquid through the straw is the only thing audible.

Elena sniffles and Gemini shoots Sapphire a look and they both start laughing again.

From her downcast view, Elena's expression grows dark.

Navigating the Blog

Lately we have been getting a few concerns where people are having difficulty navigating & finding what they need to. Because of this Tracy and I have decided to revamp the way we do things to make it more user friendly for both our hopeful sponsors as well as everyone on the crew. To better the navigation we have decided the upper navigation will remain largely for the non-artists or future sponsors. The changes in the tabs will be as such:
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  • CHARACTERS will now contain a general summary of the characters. Each character will be linked to any imagery that pertains to them. It will not contain audition information as far as voice work goes, nor anything that goes into the production process, that will instead be placed in CREW DIRECTORY, which we will explain further down.
  • FASHION will highlight the designs created by the fashion team as well as insight to what we can do for sponsors interested in assisting us here.
  • MARKETING (Coming Soon) will be the replacement for our 'research' tab and will explain the particulars of our target market and research as well as why we are doing what we are doing.
  • ABOUT US will remain largely unchanged. We are speaking to some very important representatives and would love to give everyone their minute to shine. We value our crew members immensely and would love to get your name out there so if you haven't already please submit your information to (Follow the instructions here)
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  • GALLERY (Coming Soon) will be a new added tab on the upper navigation displaying all the artwork we have received thus far, including fan work. Each work will be properly credited.
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All in all we hope this set up will become much more easy to utilize in the future. If there is any cause for concern or any questions still left unanswered please comment here, or email us at

Hope this helps!
Yesenia Carrero & Tracy MacLauchlan

Possiple Meeting Times (online)

Hello Everyone!
We have gotten a lot of feedback requesting for online communication as well as for a physical meeting. We realize the importance of this and will try to be online via Skpe or AIM as much as possible so that if any questions arise we will be able to answer them quickly and efficiently.

Our Online Screen Names are:
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We may be on earlier so that we can be of assistance at anytime. Please feel free to contact us through e-mail about setting up a chat or Skype meeting with us, as we are online only to assist you.

Background Work

What we expect Essentially, we’re looking for 11 x 17” 300 DPI PSD or JPEG images, digital or traditional, doesn’t matter to us. We are just looking for LINEWORK, but if you want to add color and shading to your lines, or notes to add to the composition for when we DO color them in our lineless style, we will be fine with that. We also definitely like to see thumbnails and rough sketches along the way so we can catch anything to fix before completion.

We need these no later than the 20th of May! Contact us back asap telling us what you've chosen, as well, so we know what to hand out elsewhere or not.

Assignment options

1. Veil’s apartment exterior

You can view some older information ((HERE)) on this assignment. Essentially we’d like someone to draw the exterior of veil’s apartment based on the information and references given.

2. “Siren’s Coffee” - undertaken by Marilyn Cole

Essentially just a starbucks cafe, but run by sirens (the species that Elena is). In our world, coffee is actually not addictive (or any good) but the siren’s call is all too alluring, making this chain of stores a success (but also constantly in trouble and under government watch).

We’d like to see the inside of the place, preferably during a busy time so you can have fun with background characters here. A large line of impatient customers, and some smiling, friendly sirens behind the counter (male and female). Feel free to have fun with it. Try to stick with the species we have already shown in our characters or at least keep it mythological and fantasy themed for the background characters(think Gods, goddesses, monsters, and demons from various cultures and stories but try not to stray too far from bipedal human-like builds). Having Veil in line would be a plus, but not necessary. If you need ideas for background characters, there can be: werewolves (people with wolf heads and tails), cat- people (think Bastet, not neko-kawaii), elves, golems, flower-people, satyrs, gods, goddesses, and heroes from different cultures such as, for example, Celtic gods (CĂș Chulainn, for instance, or Brigit the triple -goddess (who is actually a possible minor character represented as one of 3 triplets with the same name), gorgons, etc.

The only thing is , be sure to represent these people as human-like, modern, and essentially as if they belong where they are. Each person might have his or her own personality, but no one should be wearing a toga just because they’re a roman or greek God, for instance.

3. Sapphire’s House Exterior

We’re looking for an idea for Sapphire’s house, the exterior. Essentially it’s a sort of northern-state type house in an average-ish to, admittedly, a little ghetto range. What makes this house fun is Sapphire’s hundreds of cousins are a l w a y s taking advantage of the resources in her home, and her house never seems to be empty from both inside and out. Since she and her family are gargoyles, they often perch on her rooftops like, well, gargoyles.

Crew Directory

  • Volunteer Openings : [LINK]
  • Facebook Fan Page : [LINK]
  • Navigating the Blog : [LINK]


Background Descriptions
  • Backgrounds Needed : [LINK]
Storyboard Scripts
  • Scripts to be Storyboarded : [LINK]
Animation Tasks
  • Test Animation Duties List : [LINK]
Voice Talent Auditions
(Characters That Still Need Voices)
  • Gemini - Our Female Lead : [LINK]
  • Elena : [LINK]
  • Sapphire : [LINK]
  • Gabardine Taffeta : [LINK]
  • (More Coming Soon)
Colorists Workload
Coming Soon


Story References
Style References
  • Art Direction : [LINK]
  • Marketability and Production : [LINK]
  • Animation Production : [LINK]
  • Puppet Base : [LINK]
  • Test Animation 01 : [LINK]
  • Using Adobe Illustrator (Beginning Tutorial) : [LINK]
Character References
  • Character Bios : [LINK]
  • Character Line Up : [LINK]
  • Veil and Gemini Voice Reference : [LINK]
Background References
  • General Living Area Reference : [LINK]
  • The Docks : [LINK]
  • Veil's Study Reference: [LINK]
  • Veil's Study Concept Work: [LINK]
  • The Flying City : [LINK]
Voice References
(When Auditioning submit lines to
  • Tryouts for Main Characters : [LINK]
  • Other Characters : [LINK]
  • Veil and Gemini Voice Reference : [LINK]
Fashion References
  • Fashion Synopsis : [LINK]
  • Shoe Line work : [LINK]

About US Info

Hello Everyone ,
We have added a new page to the blog that is to be all about the crew for The Taffetas! We are speaking to some very important representatives and would love to give everyone their minute to shine. So here is what we need from you guys:

Reply to us at if you wish to be on this page with:
  • Your full name- please no nicknames, personas, or screen names
  • A link to your contact information that you want displayed- this can be a website, portfolio, professional blog, or e-mail; however, please no deviantart, furaffinity, facebook etc. accounts. When in doubt, it will be your e-mail.
  • No more than 5 sentences about you. Again, please keep it professional. Ideas include talking about your artistic and professional endeavors past and present, and why you joined Taffetas.
We’re really excited to have such a talented, dedicated crew and we want to thank everyone for their contributions to the project. Without you guys, The Taffetas could not continue to be such a success.

Thank you so much,
Tracy MacLauchlan & Yesenia Carrero

Also as a note: There are many professional sites where you can host your portfolio free., College, & just to list a few. If you don't have a portfolio site this may be a viable option for you. (I hope this helps those of you in need of one.)

Taffetas Sketchbook Pages 07

Taffetas Sketchbook 07

The sketch for the new Taffeta's Ad, "Let's Make History", currently being cleaned up, colored, and graphic design-ed by Yesenia Carrero.

Mock Screenshot Lineart 01

". . . are you trying to seduce me?"

Here's an awesome line art done for us by one of our many talented artists, Gemma Wilson. This will eventually be transformed into a mock screen shot to help strengthen our pitch.

Screenshot illustration by Gemma Wilson

Elena Fashion

Here's some outfit designs for Elena the siren, created and vectored by Lucas. How cute!!


Fashion designs by Lucas Didelot
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