New Link to the Blog?

Hello Everyone,

We are thinking of placing a main link in the header of the blog that would allow everyone to directly view the work from our crew members. Let us know either through email or through a comment below whether that would be favorable to everyone. We would love to showcase the work we have received so far since it's been so wonderful.

New Designs

Here are some new fashion works that have come our way from our newest designer, Lucas. A real go-getter, he designed, finalized, and vectored all of these outfits in a few days. Wonderful!

His thumbnails he sent were really cute too if you want to take a peek.

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Fashion Designs by Lucas

The new and old

Hello Everyone,

To make things much easier this site will be getting a face lift in some of the post to better understand our story and our intentions within. To those who have been following the blog faithfully or have been working alongside with us, a small portion of this information may be repeated, but it will allow for better navigation (the links in the lower part of the blog header) and an easier read for those just joining in.

The most recent change : The Story Page

Taffetas Sketchbook Page 01

Some Veil and Gemini fluff for you (our favorite), some cute Geminis, and some poms! We hope you like them.

We're going to try to make this a continuous thing to raise interest and show more ideas for The Taffetas project, so stay tuned for more!
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