In the Aftermath

I am happy to say that The Taffetas’ pitch to Warner Brothers did amazing. Nancy Spears really loved our leave-behind and presentation. I am not sure how much to say on the matter, but while Tracy and I were extremely nervous we did a great job pulling it all together for the pitch.

I am unsure if anything from Warner Brothers is going to happen, but I do know we have something special here and it’s something Tracy and I do not want to give up on. As we mentioned before, we will continue the project next quarter, and get ready to pitch once again (we were highly recommended to try Disney XD, and there has been interest from others as well). If in the end it isn’t a success right away, we are sure it is not reflect the quality or the idea behind The Taffetas, but because it was not the right fit or the right moment for them.

As for next quarter we will be continuing on with this projects in hopes to better refine it and create an animation teaser. Tracy will be overseeing much of the production process in animation, while I continue with the website and promotional material.

But more than anything else today, I wanted to give thanks to you all, the crew, the fans, and all the supporters for this project. Without all our collaborative efforts I do not think Tracy and I could have created the amount of professional work that we had for the pitch. The book we created was absolutely beautiful, and to those curious, we shall have it re-printed for the beginning of next quarter to show it off.

To our crew especially, thank you for the support and professionalism in handing the work, sticking with the project, and creating such beautiful pieces in such a stressful amount of time. We know it was hard for everyone but we appreciate everything nonetheless. We know this is not the end, so we are very excited about the work we can bring to life in the upcoming quarter!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that we meet
with success soon so thank you, and wish us luck!
Yesenia Carrero & Tracy MacLauchlan
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