Episode Synopsis

Here's a list of concept episode loglines for The Taffetas! We hope you find them interesting enough to be something you would want to watch!

“Snow Yeti Princess” (Pilot) ­­­

When Veil Taffeta, a 6”7, mysterious blue man who has been away from his apartment complex for a year, suddenly returns with a fluffy, 5”2 woman holding his hand, mayhem unfolds as his neighbors get too curious.


“I See London”

Veil learns the downsides of living with Gemini when he discovers the mess she leaves behind in his apartment, the most horrifying of which being her strewn about undergarments.



Gemini ventures into the city to buy some simple groceries, but because of her poor sense of direction, soon finds herself ambling the city, lost but determined to make it home without calling Veil. Along the way, she ends up making friends, enemies, and even frenemies.


“Ladies Night Out”

Gemini and her best friend Sapphire take a ladies night out in this fashion-savvy, surprising episode where anything can happen.


“I Love You”

Gemini and Veil’s relationship becomes rocky when Sapphire makes Gemini doubt Veil’s love for her.


“Cake Off”

Hilarity ensues when Gemini and Wolf, an artistic but dog-like werewolf, join forces to take on a series of cake-making contests that they just can’t seem to make 1st place in.


“Stigma and Stamen”

When Tom’s mother comes to visit, she’s pleased to find her son has finally settled down with a nice young flower- really just Gemini in a sunflower costume, acting the part.


“The Car”

When Wolf tells Veil a sleazy urban myth about the car Veil has just bought, Gemini must deal with her husband’s awkwardness over this knowledge.


“Laundry Day”

On laundry day, Veil, who is so uptight that he even irons socks, must deal with his wife’s puckish antics as she tries to get him to lighten up.


“Date Night”

Gemini and Veil go out on a date to a fancy restaurant where sweet and comedic events occur, not least of all Gemini getting Veil drunk, and Veil acting as Gemini’s arms.

“The Cult”

Veil goes to personally put a stop to some threatening letters being sent to his home, only to encounter that a small cult is after his life.


“Skin Deep”

Gemini tries to uncover why Veil’s skin is blue, only to become frustrated by his secretiveness.


“All That Glitters is not Sapphire ”

Jealous of The Taffetas’ relationship, Sapphire flirts with Veil and incurs the wrath of Gemini.


“Throwing Stones”

When Ronnie and Gemini start performing complicated aerial stunts together, Veil and Gemini begin to squabble over her freedom to choose what she wants to do, even if it’s a life-threatening decision.



Gemini must deal with rumors being spread about her around the city by Crow, Sapphire’s malicious, gossip-loving cousin.


“The Siren”

Gemini must find a way to break the spell of Cypress’s sudden new friend, Elena, a sweet fish-faced girl who manages to captivate everyone but her.


“Good Boy”

This episode follows Wolf on The Taffetas’s wedding day as he copes with his feelings for Gemini.


“Mind over Heart”

Elena decides to target Veil with her powers of persuasion.


“I’m on a Horse”

Veil tries to compose the perfect surprise date for Gemini, enduring hilarious set-backs, close-calls, and misunderstandings along the way.


“The Visit”

In this thirty minute special, Gemini fears her relationship with Veil has been lost when she causes conflict with his older brother, Eschewal, who unknowingly brings back traumatic memories for her.

Storyboards by Kaitlyn

Storyboards by the fabulous Kaitlyn Ritter

The Third Comic

"Chase Me, Baby"

These comics will be used in the pitch to better help illustrate our characters and their funny personalities, and also how our story works. The idea for these strips are to exemplify the idea of running themes we'll have from minisode to minisode, all of which are small, minute details that when viewed sequentially add much more to the story in general (For example, the infamous underwear makes a reappearance lol).

Comic by the amazing Brianna Alexander View the others HERE

Gemini Fashion Round-Up

We are going for a 50's-60's feel to our clothing, but other eras can also influence designs to create something unique.

Back to Fashion
Fashion Designs by Whitney Vest. Alterations to them were produced by Yesenia Carrero and Jamaela Simmons
Coloring by Yesenia Carrero, Jameala Simmons, and Leo Ware

The Guest Room

The guest bedroom in Veil's apartment which has, prior to his meeting Gemini, remained unfurnished and unused. Gemini decides takes it upon herself to fix up this room the way she simply knows would anyone would like it: with a heavy nautical theme and plenty of stuffed animals!

Concept Art by Sydney Anderson

New Veil Poses

Hello everyone,

Currently we're working our hardest in preparation for the pitch to Nancy Spears on March 11th. Here's some new Veil poses to show more of his appeal, as prompted by some critiques so far on our practice pitches.
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