Mock Screen Shot

Hello everyone,

Here's a mock screenshot for The Taffetas!

We've been very fortunate these past few weeks to have received such amazing work from talented people all across the board for our first series pitch, which is coming up this Friday. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication.

As always, stay tuned for more!

The Veil Taffeta Line 01


Amazin' Fashion Designs by Jorge Melendez

Veil's Study Concepts

Veil's study is an extension of himself: Modern, cold, and kind of tall. For more information on Veil's study, you can visit the original post here.

Concept art by Zavian Archibald

"Sshh... let me have this -_-"

storyboard by Kelsey Wooley


Storyboards by Sarah Craig

Cast List

Hello everyone,
We've been very fortunate to find enough resources this quarter to really dress up our pitch book and make a full animatic for our first pitch to Warner Brothers. We're also excited to have had so many voice talents audition for us, as each new voice strengthens the visualization of all our characters in a way writing never could. We're also happy to have everyone on hand should we put any character into a future animation. It's awesome to know we now have a cast to call upon.

Here's the cast assignment list as it stands now. The ones without a name next to them have yet to been assigned, and thus are still open for audition. We start with our leads, then our side characters, then our villains and antagonists.

Gemini Taffeta
Veil Taffeta : Ruben A. Montano Jr

Cypress Taffeta
Poppy : Korynn Warthen
Thomas "Tom" Wooley
Eschewal Taffeta

Gabardine Taffeta
Lace Taffeta : Ylaine M Miller
Jeremy ("Crow") : Jack D Butler

Update :D

The upcoming finals are sneaking up on everyone, and we realize all the hard work everyone has done despite that. We would like to say thank you on behalf of the amazing work you all have done. It is with your dedication we are receiving interest in outside companies and compliments from professionals already in the field. We feel this project is really beginning to take off. Anyhow, here are the updates for the last week, as well as upcoming features for this week can be viewed here [LINK]

A Third Script

Title: “Catch Me if you Can”

Veil is waiting outside some public restrooms in a park area. Gemini exits the women’s room with a cute, satisfied smile on her face and walks past Veil, who watches her trot past in anticipation to follow. That is, until his face is stricken with a sort of shock at the sight of Gemini from behind. The poor girl’s underwear is showing, her dress tucked into the back of it (note: it’s the same blueberry print ones he bought her from before). Shocked and embarrassed (perhaps even a little mad looking) he goes to grab for her dress to free it from its panty captive, only to just barely miss as Gemini turns around to see her husband grabbing for her butt.

“Oooh-Ooh Veil!” Gemini giggles excitedly, grinning mischievously, “Catch me baby!” and she darts off into the park for all innocents to gaze upon her round bubble blueberry butt.

Veil chases after her, of course, terribly horrified and a little miffed, trying to grab at her dress.

Of course, as with someone as thin and long as Veil chasing someone as stubby and fat as Gem, Veil manages to snatch Gemini up fairly quickly like a black window spider to a little grub. In his grasp, he untucks her dress. To which Gemini makes a surprised face, and glares at Veil “VEIL, we’re in public!” and shouts: “you’re embarrassing me!”
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