The Side Characters

We are still searching for voice actors regarding these various characters, as well as our main female lead, Gemini. If you are interested, please email us an audition utilizing the lines for the specific character. All are welcome, and we will work with you if you need it.

Cypress Taffeta, the adopted son
Cypress Taffeta is a 17-18yr old boy who tags along with Veil, subconsciously in search of a father figure. He's the type of character who is stubborn, brash, and a bit rude, but fiercely loyal and dependable to the people he likes. He was once a farmer, but has lived in the city for quite some time now, under the roof of Veil and Gemini.
  • I... I can do it! Why would you bother paying for someone, when you have me right here!
  • It's her fat that makes her look fat!
  • Hha..hello dad, I fixed the plumbing you needed done. Ignore the water shooting out, I uhhhh, it supposed to go like that.
  • Thhhhat's sooo cool!
  • He's a good man, anyone would be lucky to have a father like him

, the needy Siren
She's a siren who hasn't got a hold of her powers of persuasion yet. Her age is about 14-16. Her tone is a bit more high pitched but not annoyingly so. She craves protection and often asks the males she is around for attention or protection. If she enters the Taffeta’s house she often demands things while Gemini sits there angrily, unable to do anything about Elena’s control over the male members of her family.
  • Please!
  • Why can't you just be with me instead. I'm just as good right?
  • I want that one. Get it for meeeeee? :)
  • Oh, well I dont see the point in children, they just take take take

Poppy, Cook's constant robotic companion - Voice Assigned to Koryn Warthen
A muffin-shaped super-robot that was programmed to assist her mute inventor with tasks ranging from basic needs, to making friends, to becoming a weapon in dire needs. Because of her programming, she can only belt out a string of compliments and will often just shout a long happy “Yaaaaaaaaaay!” If there is no way for a compliment to be had, she sparks up and malfunctions temporarily. She tries to avoid this by giving really lame compliments like "you’re blue!! :D Yaaay!"
  • Yaaaay!
  • All functions are 100% ... Yayyyy!
  • OHhhh! Well that's still just as good!
  • ... well, it's nice to meet you! I am a fully functional friend. YAAAAAAAY! We are friends!

Sapphire, the mean best friend
A young 20 something mean girl with a desire to live by her own rules. She has plenty of family, friends, and gentlemen callers, but she is mostly an independent type and chooses to form few close relationships. Overflowing with confidence for her looks, she enjoys flirting, teasing, and generally showing off. She has been known to get into a few fights, most of which she causes herself.

Also she has a bit of a drooling problem, because of having a slight overbite where saliva will try to drip down from. To avoid this, she tries to subtly “slurp” up the drool. It’s nothing too bad, but sometimes in silence you can hear her sucking in air through her mouth to avoid the embarrassment.

  • ughh, what could he possibly see in her when he could have this....I mean look at me (pause) ...yeah I know right
  • DAMIEN! That's not funny! Euughhhh!
  • mmmmmm, and what would you like to see instead...?
  • ugh .... whatever

Thomas "Tom" Wooley, the lawyer
Tom Wooley is a hard-working, successful lawyer. He will work day and night to get the Taffeta family out of trouble (and oh, do they get in trouble!). A pro-war, anti-conservationalist with a large arsenal of weapons at home, Tom believes in being prepared and taking the initiative. Despite his aggressiveness in the courtroom and his staunch conservative viewpoints, Tom is a friendly enough guy to most people who don't clash with his beliefs. Oh, also, he's a sunflower.

  • Pay you to protect the rainforest? Now why would I do that?
  • Well, flora have few natural defense mechanisms so I've just...stocked up on a few. Want to go out back and see how the flamethrower works?
  • ...oh, you like the dart gun, buddy? That's just in case all of the other ones fail.
  • (SIGH) Everyone keeps telling me I need to settle down with a nice bee, but I just haven't found the one yet.

Jeremy ("Crow") , the cross-dressing gossip - Voice assigned to Jack D Butler
Jeremy, or as he prefers to be called, Crow, is the gossipy cross-dressing cousin of Sapphire who boasts an overly liberal view on life. Drugs, sex, fashion, and any general indulgence plays a large part in his daily life. He loves nothing more than spreading rumors, making people uncomfortable with his sexuality, and causing trouble for most of our main cast.
  • Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Celeste! Oh my, look at you and your little...euh- skirt. Love it. Fabulous. Wonderful. Okay hun, bye-bye. (pause) ... oh my god, did you see her skirt? Poor thing has no idea and she's going to walk around like that all day.
  • Oooohhh~ Guess what little bit I know? Should be most interesting for you.
  • That dress looks so cute on you!...Of course, I pull it off better.

“Ronnie” the nosy golem

Ronnie is a large, maroon-colored friend of the Taffetas who is helpful and kind but a little too nosy and enthusiastic. He makes and enjoys home-cooked meals with Gemini and is always there to offer some sage advice that only a rock can give. Rumor has it he actually has a family of his own to take care of, but Ronnie will never say, as he prefers welcoming himself into Veil’s apartment whenever he pleases, and spending breakfast and dinners with their family.

(More characters and supplemental images will be placed at a later date)

Congratulatory Post

Hello Everyone,

What a crazy midterms week it has been here at SCAD-Savannah! We're happy to say the work coming back from everyone has been amazing and we're very happy for each and every one of our contributors. However, there are a few select people who have really stood out for their dedication and hard work on the project.

Whitney Ponikvar is an amazing artist and fashionista who came to our aid with costume designs for Gemini with such consistent, high-quality, and on-target work that we can't help but love. She listened to critique well and worked diligently for us- e-mailing us about once a day with something new. We couldn't be more happy to have her on the team.

Brianna Alexander is the amazing creator and artist behind Pomp Fiction and leaped at the chance to not only work on the project, but also help it in any other way possible. She comments on our posts with helpful and insightful critique, helped to advertise for our project online, drew us a hilarious comic, and is now in the process of producing more work for us and we couldn't be more excited to see it!

Ruben A. Montano Jr is our dedicated voice actor for Veil Taffeta. From the start, he was expedient with his replies and getting auditions to us, accepted critique, and worked with us until he got it right! We're very happy to have him on the team as Veil's voice for now, and highly encourage any other projects looking for a male voice actor to contact him.

Kelsey R Wooley is but a Freshman at SCAD and already we can tell she is going to be something special. Dedicated, hard-working, and advanced in her skills for her grade level, she has been enthusiastic with working with us from the start (she even drew Veil and Gemini in her sketchbook!). We're pleased as punch with her latest storyboard submission which was delivered on-time and with a lot of love taken to it. She even inspired us for one of our side characters!

We appreciate all the hard work our whole team is doing and we really encourage everyone to keep it up. As the deadline draws near for the pitch, we're very excited to be able to boast such a talented, hard-working team. Thank you everyone!

Character Line Ups

Here's some sketch concept work of our characters that show up throughout the show. Each one plays an important part in Gemini and Veil's life. More detailed information on the characters to be posted at a later date.


From L to R Sapphire the mean best friend, Damien the social vegan, Wolf the artsy sleaze, Cook the silent inventor, Eschewal the trusting conspiracy theorist, Veil the leading man, Ronnie the helpful golem, Cypress the adopted son, and Gemini our leading lady!


From L to R Luke the cult leader, Gabardine Taffeta the estranged father, Lace Taffeta the child-eater, A demon from Gemini's island, Kristina the whore next door, Matthew the sadist

Weekly Update

Hello Everyone,

Today's weekly update will be posted on our facebook page, as well as in the email. If you are not receiving one, and are interested in getting one, please email me at and we will add you to our mailing list. Thank you everyone for producing some great work.

Here is a link to our newest update : [Link]

Script Ideas for Animatic

What we are essentially trying to do is create a few snippets of character interaction to show a preview of what the show will be like. This is heavily character based so please refer to the character synopsis to better capture their personality. As far as background, we are flexible when it comes to that (since we are still developing them and we really want the focus to be on the characters), but there is references in the crew resources tab, under layouts. If there is any further questions, we are always available via email. :)

(There will be a name underneath the shot that is taken. Please bear that in mind when deciding on the script. Email us the one you want to undertake.)

Veil walks into his and Gemini's room, he's sipping some coffee and reading the morning paper - that is until he walks in the room and sees his wife searching through their drawers, completely naked. Her form glistens in the morning light shining through their bedroom windows. A used towel is crumpled on the bed next to her.

Veil drops the papers and walks towards his wife. He gently grabs her by the shoulders and begins to bend down to give her a peck on the cheek, but suddenly she blurts out:

"Veil, I'm gunna wear two pairs of sock-"

"-no no no no no…shh…" he coos, "let me have this."


Veil and Gemini are in the kitchen together. Veil is sitting in a chair reading the newspaper quietly, while Gemini stands to his right. A grapefruit sits next to a bowl of cereal forgotten on the table. There Gemini begins to tell a nonsensical story about a blue whale and a homely mermaid going grocery shopping together.

Veil doesn't seem to care and continues to stare at the newspaper as Gemini, in her excitement, begins to use overly dramatic hand gestures to put emphasis in her words. This goes on for a few moments, and every time Veil turns to a new page Gemini seems to make leap to another topic.

Her excitement builds and her voice raises. She squeals, she flails, she is making no sense, when Veil finally decides to put down his newspaper and look over at her.

After a pause where it seems Veil might begin to be interested in the tale he reaches out to her, places a finger in front of her lips and coos "-no no no no …..shhhhhhh," before proceeding to pick up the newspaper he momentarily put down and resumes his reading.

Gemini remains quiet for a very long pause, and Veil turns to a new page.

end of skit.

-Scene undertaken by Kaitlyn Ritter

Gemini is sitting contently in-between Veil's legs in a palette made from a few blankets and pillows strewn on the floor. Her back is pressed against his, and one of her hands is placed in his. Veil rests his head on hers. After a quiet moment, she turns to her side and looks up at him.

"I love you baby" is said softly as she rests her head on his upper chest.
"I love you too darling" responds Veil as Gemini nuzzles into him and closes her eyes.

end of skit
Scene undertaken by Kelsey Wooley

Veil is writing on his typewriter in his study. As his fingers tick away at the type, a "yargh!" is heard. The clicking of the typewriter keys continue. "Ay ye matey!" comes through the walls, and still Veil continues typing. With a "DING" he finishes a sentence and a "walk the plank ye scurvy dog!" comes through, and Veil gets up from his chair, and opens the door to his study, where he walks out. Right at the door is Gemini, dressed in full pirate gear, complete with a wooden sword, prancing around the living room fighting off pretend foes. She runs over to Veil and starts babbling pirate speak to her: "aye ye matey, scurvy sea dog!" as she pretends to jab at him. Veil, unfazed, walks into the kitchen. All along the way Gem dances around him, shouting pseudo sea-insults, some that don't even make sense like "salty land potato!!" and pretending to sword fight with him.

All the while Veil walks into the kitchen, calmly grabs a glass, gets some ice cubes out off the freezer, puts the ice cubes in the glass, pours some water in the glass, wipes off some water that spilled on the counter, and then drinks the water…

He sets the glass down and the noise it makes against the counter is a 'clink', and places a hand on Gemini's shoulder as she bounces by him, which stops her in her tracks.

"Alright darling, what's wrong?" he says, kneeling down to her level.

Gemini, sadly, lets out a small "yargh…"

Veil waits as Gemini's eyes get bigger and shinier.

"K-Kristina called me fat!" Gemini sobs loudly.

"Well Kristina's a whore." Veil replies.

end skit

Scene undertaken by Sara C

An elevator filled to near-capacity with people who look cramped and awkward. It's quiet but for the sound of a stifled cough from somewhere in the back of the crampd crowd. Suddenly, Gemini walks into the middle of this elevator casually- she's a little lime green dot in an elevator full of neutral colors - and as the doors close to the elevator, Gem waves to her elevator-mates, greeting them with a "hiiiiii…"

A few seconds later the elevator reaches it's destined floor. The door opens, and everyone's laughing, with Gemini in the middle babbling. "Oh this is my floor guys!" she laughs, hugging people goodbye, "talk to you later Toby, Rebecca, Jessie, Rrrrrobert, Orlando, Dana, Billy and ooh and tell the kids hi Claire!" the people from the elevator exclaim their goodbyes wildly, someone even shouting fanatically, "i love you Gemini!", as the the doors close. Then there's only a silence in the hallway, with only the "ding" the elevator moving up is heard. Gem smiles and walks off.

end skit
Scene undertaken by Kelsey Wooley

Gemini and Veil are leafing through wedding invitations that they're writing. Gemini is licking envelopes and handing them off to Veil as he writes the addresses down on them.

"Ah, you do know darling we're going to have to learn how to dance," Veil brings up to his fiance as he elegantly writes on the envelope.

"Nuh-uh!" Gem says, her tongue hanging out from licking her and envelope. "Veil baby I already know how to dance!" She hands her invitation to Veil then and stands up to demonstrate.

She curls her little baby hands into fists and brings them up to her face. She twists her torso left, she twists her torso right, lightly shaking her little fists.

"Aww…" Veil cups his mouth in his free hand with a twinkle in his eye. "We're getting dance lessons."

-Scene undertaken by Nana Boachie

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