Veil's Study

This is mainly reference to be used for the lovely team member that is taking on Veil's study. I hope this proves to be more helpful in illustrating the kind of room you will be recreating.

Veil's study is a two-stories tall, windowless, modern room that is more rectangular than anything else. We imagine this room above all else to be a representation of the character. The style of the furniture and bookshelves is very modern, minimalist, and sleek, with a lot of straight lines and angles and few curves. The color scheme is open to interpretation, however we think he would tend to use more neutral or cool colors, such as black, gray, white, brown, or navy blue.

Below are some references to the more minimalistic styles that you can use as inspiration when drawing Veil's Study. If anything else is needed, please email me and we will try to assist in any way possible.

Veil is also a writer, so keep this in mind that he uses his study to work. It's a tidy, well-organized space with a typewriter on the desk and perhaps a cleanly stack of papers next to it along with a folded newspaper. He would have pens on his desk, perhaps cleanly put away in some kind of holder, or neatly organized on the edge of the table.

The room itself is rather barren as well in terms of homey comforts, such as pillows.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule,with a few less-modern, less-sleek items strewn throughout the room as a reminder that Veil, though he may try to be fashionable and modern, still finds comfort in softer, more homey things.

The books, for instance, are slightly eclectic as a majority of them tend to be rare antiques, so we will be seeing a lot slightly dilapidated, old-world books mixed with some newer books on Veil's modern black shelves (that reach up for the whole two-stories tall the room is, Veil has a lot of books). In addition, there are a few other curious items or two that look as though they don't belong, predominately a mounted great white shark jaw bone on one of the walls.

In addition, Some dog toys and a dog bed, too, might in the corner of the room (for Veil's beloved Pomeranian, Julius Caesar).

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Pilot Episode

This is the proposed first episode of The Taffetas web series. The approximate running time is 15-20 minutes tops (we think).

Episode 01 : Snow Yeti Princess

The episode begins shortly after Veil and Gemini arrive in their hometown from the docks, leaving from their ship to their home with luggage in hand. Veil, who has lived in this Manhatten-like city previously and owns an apartment, finds particular annoyance with his neighbors who can’t seem to keep their noses out of his business. But who can blame them, really, when a mysterious, 6”7 blue man disappears for a year, only to return with an adorable, fluffy young lady by his side?

Mayhem unfolds as the story of Gemini travels through Veil’s apartment complex. Like a game of bad telephone , the description of what she looks like becomes distorted until, you guessed it: everyone believes there’s a snow yeti princess in the complex.

Of course, this could have been spurned on by the bad drawings of one particular neighbor, Ronnie, who caught a good glimpse of this sweet girl and was only trying to describe her to a friend.

Either way, enraged and frightened by the rumors, the tenants of the apartment form a mob and show up at Veil’s door.

When Veil opens the door, he angrily states: “How many times do I have to tell you, people? I’m not a vampire!”

“We’re not here for you, vampire!” The leader of the crowd replies, “We’re here for the snow yeti princess!”

When they finally get their wish and forcedly drag out Gemini, who is not a snow yeti princess, but a cute young woman, the mob becomes disappointed and begins to die down. However, for Gemini, too many people surround her and the event itself being disoriented and frightening enough she begins to fall in a state of frozen panic.

She envisions herself on an old wooden stage, a spotlight pressing against her skin.

White noise fills the room, the only other sounds being her breath and the pounding of her own heartbeat.

However, all of a sudden another heartbeat, in tune with her own, is heard. A coat is thrown over her. It’s Veil’s. Veil gently leads her inside the apartment, angrily slamming the door after one long, cold glance at Ronnie, who has been standing in the back the whole time, horribly saddened by what he inadvertently caused.

** This is just us talking about the pilot in more detail, and the kind of direction we were thinking of taking it at the time of creation. The pilot has been edited since then.

Proposed Schedule

Hello again,
I am hoping everything is going well! For all those who have volunteered their time to us, we would like to thank you for sharing your talent with us. We appreciate everyone of you working so hard on our project. To make things easier, we had thought to give a bit of a time line to when we expect things to be done. Now all this is tentative, and things can be switched around, but for the most part we are trying to hold true to what as said.

Proposed Schedule

Week 3 : Goals
• Meeting with team on Saturday – give assignments [√]
Layouts = 2.5 weeks (check point in 1 week) [√]
Costume/Fashion Design = 2.5 weeks (check point in 1 week)
• Plan out weekly updates on Sundays via Facebook and e-mail
(links to updated blog post) [√]

Week 4 : Goals
• Comic Scripts for Brianna Alexander [√]
• Major-Minor character drawings [√]
• Audition voice actors for characters [√]

Week 5 : Goals
• Animatic Scripts (30 second or less scripts) [√]
• Meeting with team on Saturday – give assignments & checkpoints [√]
Costume/Fashion Design = check point [√]
Layouts = checkpoints [√]
Animatics = 3 weeks (1 week checkpoints) [√]
• Get back to voice actors [√]
• Upload 1 podcast to blog [X] (Decided it was better suited for next quarter)
• Antagonist character drawings [√]

Week 6 : Goals
• Voice actor final recordings [√]
• Flesh out holes in pitch, strengthen written pitch [√]
• Meeting with team on Saturday – checkpoints [√]
Brianna = finishing up everything [√]
Layouts = Checkpoints [√]
Costume/Fashion Design = Checkpoints [√]
• Begin book designing [√]
• Character interaction drawings [√]

Week 7 : Goals
• Costume Design, Layouts, due [√]
• Further demographic research, demographic research essay for blog and pitch [√]
• Begin pitch practicing [√]
• Continue putting together pitch book [√]
• Contact Pat Helbig [x]

Week 8 : Goals
• Pitch practicing [√]
• Continue book [√]

Week 9 : Goals
• Complete & print pitch book [√]
• Pitch practicing [√]

Week 10 : Goals
• The pitch & Congratulations to crew members and call to action for next quarter [√]

• Talk to Pat Heglbig
• Create campaign “Let’s Make History”
• Create an episode
• Create more serious podcasts

(For anyone who intends to stay on the project for next year, please let us know. We would love to continue working with you.)

Meeting Times

Hello Team,
To make things a bit easier, I figured I would post times I am usually available for meetings for the The Taffetas pitch. Now keep in mind, I am in contact with several people at once so these times are just estimates. I still will need an email at least an hour in advanced.

Mondays: Available
Tuesdays: Available 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Wednesdays: Not Available
Thursdays: Available 3:00pm to 10:00pm
Fridays: Available only if scheduled earlier in the week
Saturdays: Available Noon to 4:00pm
Sundays: Not Available

All this info will remain permanently in the Crew Resources tab above.
I hope this helps,

Crew Resources List

Hello Team,
To make things a bit easier, the blog has been updated to include a resources tab for those who are assisting in The Taffetas pitch. Below are links to posts that will aid in the various projects. This particular post shall be edited as time goes on and more information becomes available.

General Information

• Main Character Bios : [Link]
• Other Characters : [Link]
• Story Synopsis : [Link]
• Style References and Resource : [N/A at this moment]

• Facebook Fan Page : [Link]
• Proposed Schedule : [Link]
• Possible Meeting times : [Link]

Voice Actors
• Veil and Gemini Voice Reference : [Link]
• Side Characters and Villians Voice Reference : [N/A at this moment]
• Tryouts for Main Characters : [Link]
• Tryout Scripts for All Other Characters : [Link]

Layout Artists

• General Living Area Reference : [Link]
• The Docks : [Link]
• Veil's Study Reference: [Link]
• Veil's Study Concept Work: [Link]
• The Flying City : [Link]
• Style References and Resource : [N/A at this moment]

Costume Design
• Fashion Preview : [Link]
• Gemini Taffeta's Wardrobe Reference : [Link]
• Veil Taffeta's Wardrobe : [Link]
• Sapphire's Wardrobe Reference : [N/A at this moment]
• Other Character's Wardrobe Reference : [N/A at this moment]

Animatic Information

• Brianna's Scripts : [Link]
• Pilot / First Episode Scripts : [Link]
• Other Scripts : [Link]

• Comic Pages : [Link]
• Storyboards : [Link] [Link] [Link]

• Beginning Tutorial : [Link]
• Intermediate Tutorial in Ai : [N/A at this moment]
• Tips and Tricks in Ai : [N/A at this moment]
• Advanced uses for the Pen Tool

• Shoe Linework : [Link]

New Taffetas Facebook Page!

Hello Everyone,
I am very excited to announce that we now have a facebook fan page! Please show your support in clicking that little blue "like" button on the page. There you can receive up to date information to upcoming meetings and events, as well as links to the newest posts if you are not already following us here.

Thank you everyone for your support in our project, it is encouraging us to push ever more further, and even more exciting to see the positive feedback!
Yesenia Carrero

Layouts for Their World

We are looking for concept layouts for the places our characters often visit and inhabit. We would like a sketch of the town that Veil and Gemini live in and Veil’s apartment and apartment complex. The images within this post are just ones for ideas. Good luck! I can't wait to see what you do with these.

The area they live in is a lot like Manhattan, or New York. Big city, lots of people, tall buildings. Veil lives in a rather dumpy apartment complex with far too many rooms per floor (and really nosy neighbors!). It’s wedged between a district of these extremely fancy boutiques, kind of an eyesore and out of the way. It’s in the middle of the city and close to the city park.

Veil's Home. Top = 2nd Floor. Bottom = 1st Floor
The inside of his apartment, however, is as clean as can be, albeit a little bare. Although small, it has two floors- with the bottom floor having a kitchen, a small dining room, a living room, and a study. The upstairs has his room and a guest bedroom, as well as a bathroom. Veil spends all of his money on clothes, fashion, books, and his little Pomeranian, so he hasn’t much in the way of homey d├ęcor. He does, however, decorate sporadically with classy old-world items (such as a globe stand), but the most eye-catching, and whimsical of his decor is a great white shark jawbone in his living room. His study also has a small desk, chair, and large bookcases of rare antique books.

For the Layout Artists:
We would like concept art of the city he lives in, the apartment complex, the apartment itself, and the study- both when it’s just Veil’s study, and when Gemini rooms in the study as his guest. She brings to his rigid, sterile room a bit of fluffiness and chaos, strewing about her clothes and items around his stuff.

Voice Info & Personality

The Voices of Veil and Gemini
Part of the fun and appeal of our characters is how they speak. Anyone can say “I’m hilarious”, but what does it tell you about someone who says “I’m hilarious” in a completely flat, monotone way?
Gemini and her husband, Veil, both have very distinct voices that truly bring out the quirkiness and fun of their character. If you are a voice actor wanting to audition for our two main leads, by all means please contact us.

Gemini Taffeta
Gemini Taffeta tends to speak in a silly, playful, sing-songy sort of way all her own. She emphasizes certain syllables and de-emphasizes others. The voice actress for Gemini needs to show weight in her voice, growl (yes, growl like a little Pomeranian dog), and be able to offer an array of emotions.

Veil Taffeta
Veil Taffeta often has a calm, monotone voice in tune with his usual reserved nature. However, in moments of great emotion the flatness to his speech can be broken- giving a hint at his true feelings. A voice actor for Veil should be able to portray both a reserved, monotone voice as well as give off the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) idea of emotion breaking through that from time to time. He is the type of person who has so much emotion that, when it does break through his aloof facade, we need a voice actor that can actually make you hear him try to swallow it back down.

Click here
for a character synopsis of our leads to get a feel for their personalities

Senior Soiree Aftermath

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to stop by and quickly post on how excited I am over the turn out at the Soiree! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and signed up to assist on the project. I am very excited to work with each and every one of you, and will be emailing you personally as the day goes out. Most of it is to determine the roles you will be playing in The Taffetas pitch project, and where to link you on the credits widget, among other things. I hope to hear back from you soon!

If you put your e-mail down from the soiree and I have not yet contacted you, please let me know via email. ( I might have accidentally misinterpreted some letters in the sign-up sheet.

If you could not make it to the soiree but still want to contact me, please do! I am always in need of volunteers to work on the project, and I would love for more people to join the group.

Thanks once again, Yesenia Carrero
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