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This is a volunteer-based project coming from SCAD Savannah. If you would like to participate or would like more information, please contact:
Yesenia Carrero at

(Ads from the last Senior Soiree)


Seeking Voice Actors, Background Artists, Fashion Designers, Storyboard Artists, Sound Designers, and Animators
As mentioned prior, we have a lot of positions open for people to contribute to The Taffetas project! Job descriptions include:
  • Voice Actors: We are looking for reliable voice actors for our lead, Gemini, as well as many of the minor characters. We require an audition for the part.
  • Background Artists: We are currently looking for backgrounds artists for The Taffetas short animation project for the pitch
  • Fashion Designers: we are in need of fashion designers to create chic and unique designs for our leads, Gemini and Veil, as well as minor characters Elena and Sapphire.
  • Storyboards Artists: we are always in need of storyboard aritsts to help us visualize the show in little snippets to show to investors and supporters. Portfolio for storyboard artists is now required as we are looking for people with decent drawing and storytelling skills
  • Sound Designers: For The Taffetas short animation project for our pitch, we need a sound designer to help bring our animation to the next level!
  • Animators: We are in need of Flash animators for the Taffetas pitch to test out our puppets, create interesting pitch and promotional animation content, as well as animate for our upcoming short scene. Demo Reel required. We are looking for special effects and character animation. Having worked with digital animation (Flash or AE) prior is a plus, especially in a "cut-out" or "puppet" style of animation for character.
  • Flash Programmers: Finally, we are looking for creative Flash Programmers to help us with interactive aspects of our show.


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Yesenia Carrero & Tracy MacLauchlan

(Co creators of The Taffetas © 2011)

The Taffetas

The Taffetas Screen shot

The Taffetas (2011): Veil Taffeta, a man more concerned about fashion than the fact he has risen from the dead, and Gemini, an eccentric ex-sea captain, thought their lives together would be happy and simple; However, the lives they lead instead force them into circumstances of drama, humor, horror, magic, and tragic loss that threaten their dream of a normal life.

Gemini's ExpressionsVeil's Expressions
The Taffetas proudly sports its two main characters, the fun-loving Gemini and uptight Veil, a couple trying to lead ordinary lives together. Instead, they live quite extraordinary lives in a self-aware modern fantasy world, as they learn to compromise with one another amid events in their lives both big and small.

Gemini Taffeta (left) is a cute, charismatic, fun-loving woman. She is flawed but lovable. She is the type of woman that can go into a crowded elevator, not know a single person in there, and as soon as it hits the third floor everyone loves her. She’s bouncy, peppy, and wears a lime green jacket. Her outgoing attitude is what brings spice into Veil and Gemini’s relationship.

Veil Taffeta (right) is a man who is wound up much too tight. Intelligent, stingy and well groomed in the ways of proper-etiquette and fashion, his cold and aloof manner manages to make him rather frightening to everyone but his wife. In all actuality however, Veil is quite sensitive, as he is a man constantly at war with his heart.

Together, these characters create a hilarious, enticing dynamic in which they continuously play off of each other as opposites and lovers. Viewers will come back week by week to make sure the two live through their current ordeal and stay together.

The Taffetas hopes to become a digitally-distributed web-drama based in a modern fantasy setting.Episodes will be transferable through mediums such as mobile video applications and download-able via website. Ideally the story will be in short, easy-to-digest episodes being 8-15minutes long with one or two 30-minute specials when the series starts picking up.

You can find more information about the main characters here.

Research and Plan of Action

Our target audience for The Taffetas are women ages 25-39, though we expect to reach an audience both below and above this age group.

We have chosen this target audience not for the fact it is a highly marketable audience (though it is), but because it fit best with the story we want to tell.
We think we will hit this target audience in many ways. For starters, our main character, Gemini Taffeta, is a relate-able female character. Through her, we want to ask: why can't a woman be strong and powerful through sheer through personality and will, rather than by appealing to men or becoming a man? We want to see a character who represents the modern woman- imperfect but confident, strong but feminine.

Secondly, the whole story is a fantastical one that revolves around The Taffeta family, with the central figures being Gemini Taffeta and her husband, Veil. Women, especially of this chosen age group, adore these types of character-driven stories, and why shouldn’t they? The interpersonal relationships between intriguing and relate-able characters is an intelligent and fun show to watch week by week.

Thirdly, the way we wish to distribute this story, through short, viral videos that can be viewed online or through digital and mobile applications, is the new growing trend for consumption of media, especially with our target audience. Sites like Facebook and Youtube are quickly becoming dominated by modern women as they go to the internet to consume and share media.

Representing women : myths of femininity in the popular media / Myra Macdonald.
The girl on the magazine cover : the origins of visual stereotypes in American mass media / Carolyn K
Understanding media in the digital age : connections for communication, society, and culture / Everet
Media research : technology, art, communication / Marshall McLuhan ; edited with commentary, Michel A. Moos.
Serial monogamy : soap opera, lifespan, and the gendered politics of fantasy / Christine Scodari.

Meet Veil & Gemini

"Chase Me, Baby"
This is Gemini & Veil, the heads of the Taffeta family and our quirky protagonists.



Gemini can be described as cute, strong, honest and fun-loving in a positive light and annoying, selfish, and childish in a negative one. She is the perfect imperfect girl, with enough good to make her lovable but enough bad to make her believable and intriguing.

Gemini’s underlying goal in The Taffetas is to form and keep a family, or rather, get what she wants- and what she happens to want is a family to love. While Gemini is a caring mother figure, charismatic, and makes friends easily, the ever-underlying motives of Gemini, no matter how selfless seeming, always serve a somewhat selfish purpose.

But this stubborn selfishness proves key to the survival of everyone’s well being. While she and her family and friends may suffer through hardships both great and small, from petty quarrels to horrific scenes to villainous conspiracy plots, Gemini works through each new hardship with the hope of a better tomorrow.

She is a short girl, around 5’2 and a less-than-ideal 180 lbs with long, curly ash blond hair. She has bright blue eyes and a short, upturned nose that wrinkles from time to time (to her husband's delight and her dismay). She has dog-like teeth (a trait of her fantasy race), and big, bold eyebrows.

Veil Taffeta_______________________________________

Veil Taffeta is the more reasonable of the two, acting as a strong paternal figure and caring husband. He is intelligent, stoic, and groomed in the ways proper-etiquette and fashion. He can be cold and aloof, evening frightening, to strangers but is actually quite sensitive, as Mr. Taffeta is a man constantly at war with his heart, which feels one way, while his mind – the one he wants to listen to – tells him to act another way.

Wound up much too tight, Veil is hardly the fun-loving free spirit Gemini is, and while this can help balance her flightiness, it is often to his discredit. He is extremely scrutinizing of everyone - himself and the ones he loves included. For instance, he is constantly badgering Gemini on her choice of outfits every morning and insists he and everyone else follow some mental checklist of his of what is proper at all times.

A tall man, around 6’7 and 150 lbs at best, Veil is a lanky and looming figure. As is his body type, Veil’s face is both distinct and less-than-ideal to stereotypical beauty, with a large nose (which Gemini adores) and sallow cheekbones. He has bright, yellow eyes, elf-like ears, and, perhaps his most distinctive feature (& Gemini’s favorite), his skin is a light shade of blue.

"The Suit"


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To get a better feel of the characters, and the voices therein, click here
Comics by Brianna Alexander

Senior Soiree

Hello, this is Yesenia, Co-creator of the Taffetas project. The Senior Soiree is tomorrow, and I am greatly looking forward to it. The posters have received a nice amount of attention. (One seems a bit more eye catching than the other, but it has been wonderful to see such a good reaction from both pieces.)

Anyhow I will be among a possible 83 students searching for talent (WOW!) but either way I am highly anticipating a very good turn out. We have just been informed via email that our table will be #25, right by the refreshment stand, so if you swing by do come see me. I will be able to discuss what we are looking for in detail, as well as upcoming plans for the future!

Anyhow I will constantly keep things posted her on this blog, so stay tuned. It's bound to be quite the exciting quarter, and I look forward to meeting many of you tomorrow.

Early Concept Work

These are a few selections of the works we have done over the past couple of months to develop the characters and the over all style of the story.

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