Another Taffetas Sketch + Thank You

After an engaging conversation about amputation practices of early war nurses, Gemini coyly asks Veil if he would still like her if she didn't have her arms. He retorts that while he specifically dated her for her arms, he would make do being her arms for her. They decide they need to practice this, just in case.

"Jazz hands are particularly important, Darling."


We would like to thank everyone for staying with us and we are excited for our new plans which are coming along slowly but surely! Taffetas continues to grow at a steady pace and we appreciate every comment, fan, worker, and supporter we get along the way.


Witch-Boy said...

Awwwww, I really love it... so adorable moment... ;u;
Yes, i really adore sketches, and keeps me interested in characters to see their little moments X3

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