The Taffetas Project Continues On For Summer 2011

Hello Everyone

What an inspirational ride The Taffetas has been these past few months. We could never have imagined how far this project would have come in such a short time, the amazing support we would garner, and the opportunities we would come across. As we have already expressed, this project would not be where it is today without our amazing crew and supporters.

For Summer 2011, We will be tying up our loose ends from Spring with the help of some of our workers new and old, and then we will be putting together our complete pitch package via website (in-progress) and print as well as cleaning up this blog and our facebook to best represent our concept as it is right now.

We have some promising connections and contacts as well as some pitch opportunities which we want to utilize as soon as we're ready with our new presentation based on the spring 2011 work. It is very exciting (but daunting!) and along the way, we will be calling upon you, the reader, the crew member, and/or the supporter for your critique and help in making sure our pitch is a solid, concise, and understandable presentation.

Beyond that, we have been discussing how best to utilize our animation team (which includes storyboard artists, voice actors, compositors, composers, and the like) and plans have changed some from our original goals for this aspect of our pitch.

We will later discuss our new plans once we have cemented our ideas fully, which may include new volunteer positions and (finally) some real assignment openings for workers who still want to stay on the project. We apologize for anyone who fall under the animation team that have yet to receive work and we hope that everyone can hold on a bit longer for assignments. We will touching base with everyone soon.

Thank you again everyone for the support and inspiration! We hope that we continue to grow in our successes and that this project is able to make everyone proud of their contributions.


Dana Corrigan said...

Hi Tracy!

It's great to see how far The Taffetas has come! All of the time and effort put in really shows. Everything looks so gorgeous and professional, it's really coming along!

Congratulations on your well deserved success and I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

sephend said...

This is Rachelle!

Hey guys, I'm really excited to see everyone's work put together and all our effort pay off! Looks like things are looking great for the Taffetas! Looking forward to see it all come together.


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