Animation World Network Pitch Party 2011

Hello Everyone!

We have been given the wonderful opportunity to enter the annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party Contest for 2011! If we win, we will get ad space in their magazine, have our pitch reviewed by higher executives within the animation industry, and even a chance to pitch to an executive of our choice.

The Ad will be online for voting to win the ONLINE READER'S POLL part of the contest, where readers online can offer a vote for the ad of their choosing, around June 10th. We will be making a new post about it then to remind everyone to get out there and vote! Tell your grandmas and your friends because every single vote will count.

Although this is certainly not our only link to the industry or contacts that we have in store to send our final pitch out to, this is still a great opportunity for us and our team.

If you are a current member of our team and have not yet sent us your work on time, we would appreciate it as soon as possible as we are close to finalizing our pitch and start conversations with a good number of our contacts.


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