Possible web design tutorial

Hello everyone,

I (Yesenia Carrero) was thinking of doing a podcast on web design while I create the website for The Taffetas, is anyone interested? Let me know in the comments here, through e-mail, or on our facebook if that would be something people would like to see.

As for my skill level, I have studied graphic design for four years with my specialty being web design. I have experience designing over 50+ websites, 15 of them done within the last year for various clients, including my and Tracy's portfolio websites:

If anyone is interested, a design can take me anywhere from 1 day to 4, depending on complexity, so I am more than willing to livestream throughout that time to answer questions and give some advice and tips for aspiring web-designers or people just interested for their own website endeavors. Dreamweaver will be used.

Thanks everyone!


Malcolm said...

Sounds like a good idea. I've been meaning to dip my hands into Dreamweaver for a while anyway. So yeah, I'm game.

Von said...

That would be awesome, and helpful because I have to make a website soon.

Lawrence said...

Gonna look out for this one. Like Von, I'm a little bit freshed-out of ideas and concepts for my web design projects. It's hard to work when you're not that inspired. :P

Lawrence Spring

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