New Facebook Update

Hello Everyone,

We're quite excited to unveil our newest bit of self-promotion for the project, our completely redesigned facebook group as a more professional, clear, polished mini-site by the amazing Yesenia Carrero!

If you haven't liked us yet on Facebook so that you will receive updates from the blog on your wall, a mere visit to the page will directly take you to our main page, if you already like us you will have to click "The Taffetas" link on our side links, or just click here! We'll be fixing this soon so that this page shows up for everyone, however.

What's exciting, too, is this is also a bit of a sneak peek at our upcoming website specifically for interested sponsors, distributors and supporters to plainly state who we are, what we're doing, and what our show is all about!

So stay tuned, everyone. Big things are in store!


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