The James W. Thompson

The James W. Thompson is the legendary ship Gemini used to captain with a crew of over 100. It's still debated among storytellers whether the Thompson ever truly existed and just what its purpose was- a cruise liner for the elite, a pirate ship? - however our titular characters are all too aware of its past existence, the tragic loss of which caused Gemini's life at sea (and air) to be grounded for a while. At least she was on land long enough to get closer to Veil, but the thrill of the fantastical lifestyle as the captain of a flying ship still calls to our leading heroin.

Later in the series, however, Gemini does get to relive some of her sea-faring past through the use of her much smaller and less-legendary flying yacht, the Jamie M. Thompson.
Created by the ever amazing Tony Ramos with awesome name inspired by...James W. Thompson


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