Good Lucks Coffee

Welcome to Good Lucks,

Since 1971, Good Lucks has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffee in the world and selling to you, our valued customer, without the use of our powers of persuasion.

No, really.

Concept Art by the amazing Marilyn Cole.
The Taffetas series takes place in a modern world parallel to our own. It has streets like our own, with modern neighborhoods, stores, and shopping malls - but what make it special are the residents who live there. Gargoyles, Werefolk, Golems, Elves, and other fantasy and mythology-inspired creatures mix with humans to create a fantasy world where even the most average day is quite extraordinary!

Even a trip to the fast-growing chain of coffee stores, Good Lucks, is quite the fantastical experience. Run by sirens, the workers there are quite nice, and you're certain to come back for more and more coffee thanks to the astounding customer service that is sure to convince you that Good Lucks is the best coffee shop around.

But more interesting than the workers are the customers, as Good Lucks is a meeting place for everybody, and if you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of a famous hero or God amongst the common races that inhabit this world.

Parody logo by Yesenia Carrero, Concept Art by the amazing Marilyn Cole


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