Animation Test 02

You need Flash Player to view this test!

Remember we are on the lookout for Flash Animators and AE compositors for the project!

Here's the Veil mock/test animation for our show, you can view the first mock/test animation of Gemini here.

Ultimately, while there were some problems found in the puppet set up, we are excited to see our idea for production running smoothly.


sephend said...

This looks AMAAAAAZING!!!

I love how it doesn't look like your run-of-the-mill puppet animation (like those crap cartoons you see on TV nowadays that look like paper cutouts with pins for joints UGH)

His eyelashes are mesmerizing ahahaha!
I love how his hair bounces. It gives him a lot of life.

His nose bothers me, though. In front view, it doesn't look as big as it's supposed to be. I think that you could emphasize it more in the front view (like putting darker shades where his nose is supposed to be, not just the bridge).
His nose is great on side-view lol

I cant wait to see more! Great stuff, guys!

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