You Turn Me Right 'Round

Here's the turnaround for Veil Taffeta!

He is like .25 the size Gemini is in width, which is why she loves him. He gets outta line and she can just sit on him, haha :).

things to note:
- His eyes are actually pretty big, but he always seems to have them half-lidded.
- The nose is a big triangle glued to his square of a face
- Cheekbones. If they confuse you, use Dieter Laser as reference
- his fingers are long, thin, and square-tipped.
- chicken legs
- Adrien Brody


OwlyGem said...

that teeny tiny butt! poor gemini has nothing to grope! cept the schnozz

Tracy "Tito" Lynn MacLauchlan said...

Actually Gemma, Gemini has little hands. I think she is fine ;D.

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