The Wardrobe

For The Taffetas, one of the elements we're hoping to emphasize is the fashion of the characters. Like Mad Men, Ugly Betty, or Sex and the City, we want to be trend-setters, and have our audience not only come back to find out what happens to our characters, but what our characters are wearing.

This is also a marketable endeavor as well. Since our series is web-based, the possibilities for a whole new way of advertising is ready to be tapped for any potential sponsors of our series.

Imagine our characters wearing a certain new clothing store fashion line, and the audience being able to directly click on that outfit in the show if they like it. They would then be directed to the online store of said clothing line, directly to that one outfit, for instant purchase.

Gemini's Wardrobe
Ever a bubbly ray of sunshine in the Taffeta household, we want Gemini's clothing to reflect her outgoing and eccentric personality. Gemini wears bright tones, patterns, and clothing choices that shouldn't work, but surprisingly do sometimes. She also has an affinity for nautical themed wear (or anything she deems nautical themed) and loves cute dresses and mismatched stockings.

Gemini's clothes
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Veil's Wardrobe
Ever the stickler for fashion, Veil Taffeta sports a stylish but conservative wardrobe. From casual to formal affairs, he makes sure to look his best in any given situation. He finds an affinity towards neutral tones in his outfits, sporting blues, browns, blacks, whites, and grays with a little maroon once in a while as his spiciest color choice. He looks great in one-button suits and knows this. He has given up on life if he is in sweatpants or a t-shirt.

Veil's clothes
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Other Wardrobes
Veil and Gemini are not the only characters with unique and intriguing wardrobes! Many of the other characters, too, sport their own style and flare.

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