Thank You Everyone!!

Hello everyone!

It's amazing how much this project has grown in the last 12 or so weeks since it's beginning. I am happy for all the support we've received for the project and look forward to some amazing work coming from such a talented and dedicated crew. I want to thank all the people who have taken such faith in the project. This was made as a thank you to all our fans and crew members for 75+ likes on Facebook.

For those who haven't liked this on facebook yet, please do, especially if you are assisting in the creation of the project. Posts here get automatically put there. See the latest artwork and news. It's easy to keep track of the latest updates :D

... and you never know who is watching right?
Spread the word and soon we might hit 100+ likes :)

Anyhow, Thank you everyone! We here appreciate all the positive responses for the Taffetas project.


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