The Taffetas Art Direction

Bruce TimmIf you're a non-artist or non-geek (perhaps both!), you might best know him as the man who drew Conan O'brien as his super-hero alter ego, "The Flaming C". If you do happen to a geek or an artist (or, again, perhaps both) you know him as the man behind Batman: The Animated Series and just about most of the D.C. animated universe. Character designs are heavily influenced by this comic-inspired but streamlined style. We're not going extremely cartoony or exaggerated in order to cater to a bit of an older audience.

Pascal Campion
Specifically this set of works. Our project relies on a lack of lines to make the the show easily transferable into different media of all shapes and sizes (lines can get very cluttered), but we're not going for a call back to UPA with an emphasis on abstraction and flatness. Rather, we love these works by Pascal Campion for keeping a sense of depth with simple perspective and more importantly a strong emphasis on color and light that helps to take away some of the one-dimensionality of lineless work (it also looks pretty!).

If you haven't seen Feel Good Inc. in particular you are doing yourself a grave diservice. While We aren't much interested in the 3-D backgronds for our production, we are hoping to utilize the same ideas with some of the interesting shots, lighting, and effects this animation in particular displays.


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