Taffetas Animation : Production

As mentioned in our Animation Production and Marketability post, The Taffetas will be a puppet-based (sometimes called cut-out) style of animation so that we may have a fully-rendered and animated product much quicker and effectively than traditional frame by frame methods. This style of animation is becoming increasingly popular and can be seen not only on the web but on television as well.

So far, We believe production of the animations is as such:
1. Character Turnarounds, props, parts, etc. are hand-drawn
2. Puppets and assets are created and vectored in Illustrator
3. Puppets imported to and animated in Flash
4. Compositing and special effects in After Effects

Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for some test animations that will be going up here and there as we get ready for first animated scene and hopefully for our pilot sometime in the future!


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