The Taffetas Animation Production and Marketability

The Taffetas animation will be a Flash-based puppet
animation with special effects and compositing done
in After Effects. This is so that we can work in-house
as well as distribute our media more on the internet.

Puppet, or cut-out animation, relies on a marionette-
like base for the characters made up of various shapes
that create the whole (for instance, Gemini's arms are
made up of two cylinder shapes that are connected at
the elbow like a puppet). In Flash, Toonboom or any
other animation programs similar , an animator can
then move and manipulate these shapes to animate.

For Taffetas, puppet animation makes sense not only
for production and resource reasons, but also for our
fashion and marketability plan. Take note of the var-
ious outfits we can put Gemini in, ready to go for ani-
mation for whatever episode we are now working on!


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