Proposed Schedule #2

Hello again,
I am hoping everything is going well! For all those who have volunteered their time to us, we would like to thank you for sharing your talent with us. We appreciate everyone of you working so hard on our project. To make things easier, we had thought to give a bit of a time line to when we expect things to be done. This includes our own assignments as well as any others for the quarter. Now all this is tentative, and things can be switched around, but for the most part we are trying to hold true to what as said. The crew resources tab has been updated to include this schedule.

Taffetas project goals for spring quarter 2011


Our goals for this quarter are as such:

  • Schedule a meeting with Pat Heglbig [√]
  • Update "The Taffetas Sketchbook" weekly (which can be viewed every Tuesday) [√]
  • Create campaign “Let’s Make History” []
  • Have the first (pilot) episode of the Taffetas written and boarded out []
  • More scenes storyboarded out []
  • Have pre-production work for The Taffetas short scene. This includes voices, colored backgrounds, puppets completed, gathering of sound designers/composers and animators! []
  • More fashion designs for Gemini and Veil, as well as Sapphire and Elena. []
  • Have a website up-and-running for the show []
  • Refine the pitch book and tweak pitch presentation []
  • tweak episode synopsis and create series synopsis []

Goals by a week to week bases will become available after this quarter's Senior Soiree. We hope to see some of you there!


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