Possiple Meeting Times (online)

Hello Everyone!
We have gotten a lot of feedback requesting for online communication as well as for a physical meeting. We realize the importance of this and will try to be online via Skpe or AIM as much as possible so that if any questions arise we will be able to answer them quickly and efficiently.

Our Online Screen Names are:
  • Yesenia Carrero: (Skype and Aim) JessOutrageous - ((mostly on skype))
  • Tracy MacLauchlan : (Skype and Aim) TaciturnTito
  • Monday :5pm-11pm EST
  • Tuesday : able for scheduling (email us)
  • Wednesday : 8pm-11pm EST
  • Thursday : able for scheduling (email us)
  • Friday : able for scheduling (email us)
  • Saturday : Unavailable until 8pm
  • Sunday : Unavailable
We may be on earlier so that we can be of assistance at anytime. Please feel free to contact us through e-mail about setting up a chat or Skype meeting with us, as we are online only to assist you.


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