Meet Wolf

Wolf W. Wolf
: the sleazy artist
Wolf is just your average guy…with a wolf head. As a resident artist in Sapphire’s home, he spends his days stealing diamonds, perusing the ladies, and smoking, eating and drinking to his (probably failing) heart’s content. As a true artist, he’s never content with his work and oftentimes the residents of Sapphire’s household can hear him proclaim that his newest piece is finally finished, only to see him erase it ten minutes later.

  • No man, it's beautiful, like a majestic eagle ... only an owl.
  • Hey blueberry legcakes... yeah blueberry legcakes, that's perfect for you
  • Think about it, my intials are W . W . W. I'm like the internet.

Wolf acts the unlikely mentor to Gemini Taffeta, offering advice in strange, round-about analogies that often relate to art history or food, two of his favorite subjects. Throughout the story, though, Wolf’s feelings towards Gemini becomes much more affectionate as the two spend time together making cakes, hitting the town, and bothering Sapphire. It’s a shame she’s already taken.

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