Meet Tom Wooley

Thomas Wooley, the anti-conservationalist sunflower
Tom Wooley is a hard-working, successful lawyer. He will work day and night to get the Taffeta family out of trouble (and oh, do they get in trouble!). A pro-war, anti-conservationalist with a large arsenal of weapons at home, Tom believes in being prepared and taking the initiative. Despite his aggressiveness in the courtroom and his staunch conservative viewpoints, Tom is a friendly enough guy to most people who don't clash with his beliefs... Oh, also, he's a sunflower.
  • Pay you to protect the rainforest? Now why would I do that?
  • Well, flora have few natural defense mechanisms so I've just...stocked up on a few. Want to go out back and see how the flamethrower works?
  • ...oh, you like the dart gun, buddy? That's just in case all of the other ones fail.
  • (SIGH) Everyone keeps telling me I need to settle down with a nice bee, but I just haven't found the one yet.
Tom comes to be Veil’s closest friend but unbeknownst to Veil, the man is actually a bit lewd – he spends his lunch breaks watching bee pollination videos in his office, and is a personal collector of Georgia O’Keefe. It’s no wonder the man can’t find the right bee or flower to settle down with like his mother wants. ‘

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