Meet Sapphire

Sapphire the mean-girl best friend

Sapphire is a 19-year-old gargoyle with a desire to have fun and live life by her own rules. She has a lot of friends, family, and gentleman callers, but is mostly an independent type and forms few close relationships. At the end of the day, she only loves and cares for her house, which her large family, a bunch of moochers and freeloaders, always seem to dirty.

  • Yeah, um, excuse you.
  • Gemini, best friend, come girl!.
  • MM... no. I only want passion fruit banana smoothies, because I am just sooo... passionate about bananas~
  • Yeah. No. Everybody wants to be my friend. Including you.
  • ughh, what could he possibly see in her when he could have this....I mean look at me (pause) ...yeah I know right?

She is the Gemini’s best friend, although you might never know it by how often they bicker. Despite being younger than Gemini, she has life, especially sex-life, figured out more than Gemini does and is more than willing to offer advice (much to Veil’s dismay).

Sapphire is not afraid to use her good looks, which she works day in and day out for, for her own personal gain. She proudly carts around her newest, toned boyfriend s in order to look good at parties. However, that doesn't stop her from envying her bumbling best friend's luck in love.

Smart, sophisticated and sassy, Sapphire plays a large role as Gemini’s rival and closest confidant.


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