Meet Ronnie

Ronnie Feldspar : The Nosy Golem
Ronnie is a large, maroon-colored friend of the Taffetas who is helpful and kind but a little too nosy and enthusiastic. He makes and enjoys home-cooked meals with Gemini and is always there to offer some sage advice that only a rock can give. Rumor has it he actually has a family of his own to take care of, but Ronnie will never say, as he prefers welcoming himself into Veil’s apartment whenever he pleases, and spending breakfast and dinners with their family.

His role in The Taffetas is that of a paternal figure for both Veil and Gemini, and is always there to (try to) smooth things over when the couple gets into an argument. However, he makes a terrible secret-keeper and his blabber mouth often gets him into trouble.

He's also quite the interesting artist:

this is a drawing of Gemini.

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