Meet Jeremy

Crow :the gossip
Crow is the gossipy cousin of Sapphire who loves nothing more than spreading rumors, making people blush, and causing trouble.

  • Oh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Celeste! Oh my, look at you and your little...euh- skirt. Love it. Fabulous. Wonderful. Okay hun, bye-bye. (pause) ... oh my god, did you see her skirt? Poor thing has no idea and she's going to walk around like that all day.
  • Oooohhh~ Guess what little bit I know? Should be most interesting for you.
  • That dress looks so cute on you!...Of course, I pull it off better.

Wolf’s best friend, Jeremy is constantly coming into contact with the Taffetas, appearing in their home at random times just of get a stir out of the couple- especially Mr. “tall, dark… and blue”, Veil. He has a particular dislike of Gemini becuase of a past skirmish between the two.  He perceives her as patronizing and a girl getting a bit too chummy with his idolized crush, Eschewal, who is oblivious to Crow’s feelings for him.

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