Meet Elena

Elena : The Needy Siren
Elena is a siren who hasn't got a hold of her powers of persuasion yet. Her age is about 14-18. Her tone is a bit more high pitched but not annoyingly so. She craves affection and often asks the males she is around for attention or protection. If she enters the Taffeta’s house she often demands things while Gemini sits there angrily, unable to do anything about Elena’s control over the male members of her family.
  • Please!
  • Why can't you just be with me instead. I'm just as good right?
  • I want that one. Get it for meeeeee? :)
  • Oh, well I don't see the point in children, they just take take take
She can seem very sweet and innocent, but ultimately acts as such out of a possessive need to be liked and cared for. Should you befriend this young lady out of pity you will find yourself getting more than you bargained for. She identifies herself and finds worth and comfort only through the people whose company she keeps. She seeks out the popular, talented, and prestigious, especially if they are male, since she seems to hold a certain special sway over them in particular.


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angelmermaid said...

i'm auditioning as her! so excited!! X3

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