Meet Cypress

Cypress : the adopted son


Cypress Taffeta is an 18 year old boy who tags along with Veil, subconsciously in search of a father figure. He's the type of character who is stubborn, brash, and a bit rude, but fiercely loyal and dependable to the people he likes. He once lived on a farm with his old family, but has lived in the city for quite some time in the same apartment complex as Veil.

  • I... I can do it! Why would you bother paying for someone, when you have me right here!
  • It's her fat that makes her look fat! ...Whaat, it's true.
  • Hha..hello dad, I fixed the plumbing you needed done. Ignore the water shooting out, I uhhhh, it supposed to go like that.
  • Thhhhat's sooo cool!
  • He's a good man, anyone would be lucky ... to have a father like him

Ultimately, Cypress tries his best to be helpful but just can't seem to do anything right. In fact, because of his constant slip-ups, he switches in and out of crummy jobs so often that it's likely if you see him working at a sandwich shop on Tuesday, you'll find him working at the grocery store on Thursday.

Luckily for him, however, and very unlucky for those around him, Cypress never loses his unfounded amount of confidence that he can do many things he actually can't, including skills in woodcraft, plumbing, and electrical repair which usually result in thousands of dollars worth of damages.

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