Meet Cook and Poppy

Cook : the silent inventor
Cook is a quiet man with a brilliant mind. He is most often in his room, amidst his mass of shiny stolen goods, using spare parts to create his next amazing invention with the help of his aide, Poppy, his most prized invention
  • "...."
Cook is Gemini’s half-brother and the girl’s most trusted confidant. She understands his off-putting zombie-like nature and treats him as any other person.

Poppy : Cook's constant robotic companion

Poppy is a muffin-shaped super-robot that was programmed to assist her mute inventor with tasks ranging from basic needs, to making friends, to becoming a weapon in dire needs. Because of her programming, she can only belt out a string of compliments and will often just shout a long happy “YAY!!”

  • Yaaaay!
  • All functions are 100% ... Yayyyy!
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh! Well ... that's still just as good!
  • ... well, it's nice to meet you! I am a fully functional friend. YAAAAAAAY! We are friends!
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Korynn said...

I absolutely love seeing the duo colored!

DarkGazelle said...

o-o i can't stop quoting poppy now! she's so cute!

Madison said...

I want my own Poppy now. OwO she's so adorable looking!

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