Meet Gabardine Taffeta

Gabardine Taffeta the distant father
  • Scutcher*?! That, sir, is racist and immoral! If I weren't a gentleman I'd beat you with my shoe! I've done it before, god dammit!
  • You know what I had as a kid? I had a single room, and a window for four people. A single room and a goddamn window and I worked hard to provide for my family a lot more than that. I fed and I clothed my goddamn undeserving, ungrateful kids and I kept my wife and Bobbinet** out of the factories. I am a great husband and father , a steady provider as any man should be.
  • I don't want my son, dammit! I want my wife!

Gabardine Taffeta, father to Veil Taffeta, is a pompous, celebrated non-fiction author and journalist with anger issues. He is the kind of person who has to be right about every little thing, even in unsubstantial disagreements. Luckily for him, very few people want to challenge this bear-like, gruff-voiced man. Truly, he's an uncouth fellow trying to pass as civilized and holds high expectations of those around him that he cannot always live up to himself. In all, he’s quite hard to get along with, and it’s possible the only person he’s ever felt love and compassion for is his wife, Lace Taffeta.

Though, he has been staring at Gemini a lot lately.

* scutcher is a derogatory term for Veil's race
** Veil's stepmother
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