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Lately we have been getting a few concerns where people are having difficulty navigating & finding what they need to. Because of this Tracy and I have decided to revamp the way we do things to make it more user friendly for both our hopeful sponsors as well as everyone on the crew. To better the navigation we have decided the upper navigation will remain largely for the non-artists or future sponsors. The changes in the tabs will be as such:
  • STORY will now only contain the general premise of the story as well as insight into how we wish to present it.
  • CHARACTERS will now contain a general summary of the characters. Each character will be linked to any imagery that pertains to them. It will not contain audition information as far as voice work goes, nor anything that goes into the production process, that will instead be placed in CREW DIRECTORY, which we will explain further down.
  • FASHION will highlight the designs created by the fashion team as well as insight to what we can do for sponsors interested in assisting us here.
  • MARKETING (Coming Soon) will be the replacement for our 'research' tab and will explain the particulars of our target market and research as well as why we are doing what we are doing.
  • ABOUT US will remain largely unchanged. We are speaking to some very important representatives and would love to give everyone their minute to shine. We value our crew members immensely and would love to get your name out there so if you haven't already please submit your information to (Follow the instructions here)
  • CONTACT US will be removed from the upper navigation and instead will be on the side with the credits so that it will appear on every page.
  • GALLERY (Coming Soon) will be a new added tab on the upper navigation displaying all the artwork we have received thus far, including fan work. Each work will be properly credited.
  • CREW DIRECTORY is the big one for our crew members readings this. Here is probably the single most important tab the crew will be utilized. It will contain a list of primarily 3 things, References, Contact & Task Lists with links that relate to each section. References will contain character information that is very specific. This will include turn arounds, sketches, sound, and lines. Background refs, style refs, fashion refs, and so on and so forth will also be included in this section. Contact will contain ways to get in touch with us, the creators, as well as meeting times. Task List will contain lists on our goals. If you wish to apply for a position email us and we will assign that particular task onto you. Tasks that have been undertaken will be tagged with the individual who has undertaken the duty, and a link to the finished piece once completed.
All in all we hope this set up will become much more easy to utilize in the future. If there is any cause for concern or any questions still left unanswered please comment here, or email us at

Hope this helps!
Yesenia Carrero & Tracy MacLauchlan


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