Background Work

What we expect Essentially, we’re looking for 11 x 17” 300 DPI PSD or JPEG images, digital or traditional, doesn’t matter to us. We are just looking for LINEWORK, but if you want to add color and shading to your lines, or notes to add to the composition for when we DO color them in our lineless style, we will be fine with that. We also definitely like to see thumbnails and rough sketches along the way so we can catch anything to fix before completion.

We need these no later than the 20th of May! Contact us back asap telling us what you've chosen, as well, so we know what to hand out elsewhere or not.

Assignment options

1. Veil’s apartment exterior

You can view some older information ((HERE)) on this assignment. Essentially we’d like someone to draw the exterior of veil’s apartment based on the information and references given.

2. “Siren’s Coffee” - undertaken by Marilyn Cole

Essentially just a starbucks cafe, but run by sirens (the species that Elena is). In our world, coffee is actually not addictive (or any good) but the siren’s call is all too alluring, making this chain of stores a success (but also constantly in trouble and under government watch).

We’d like to see the inside of the place, preferably during a busy time so you can have fun with background characters here. A large line of impatient customers, and some smiling, friendly sirens behind the counter (male and female). Feel free to have fun with it. Try to stick with the species we have already shown in our characters or at least keep it mythological and fantasy themed for the background characters(think Gods, goddesses, monsters, and demons from various cultures and stories but try not to stray too far from bipedal human-like builds). Having Veil in line would be a plus, but not necessary. If you need ideas for background characters, there can be: werewolves (people with wolf heads and tails), cat- people (think Bastet, not neko-kawaii), elves, golems, flower-people, satyrs, gods, goddesses, and heroes from different cultures such as, for example, Celtic gods (Cú Chulainn, for instance, or Brigit the triple -goddess (who is actually a possible minor character represented as one of 3 triplets with the same name), gorgons, etc.

The only thing is , be sure to represent these people as human-like, modern, and essentially as if they belong where they are. Each person might have his or her own personality, but no one should be wearing a toga just because they’re a roman or greek God, for instance.

3. Sapphire’s House Exterior

We’re looking for an idea for Sapphire’s house, the exterior. Essentially it’s a sort of northern-state type house in an average-ish to, admittedly, a little ghetto range. What makes this house fun is Sapphire’s hundreds of cousins are a l w a y s taking advantage of the resources in her home, and her house never seems to be empty from both inside and out. Since she and her family are gargoyles, they often perch on her rooftops like, well, gargoyles.


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