Ai Tutorial

Hello! This is Yesenia :)
Due to requests I have changed the tutorial date from a general today to tomorrow at 8:00pm EST so that the few that wanted to attend the livesteam and ask questions can. I hope this proves useful to anyone who has been having difficulty understanding Adobe illustrator as well as provides some tips and tricks for your general know-how and an insight on how I use it for my own illustration.

The livestream channel is here : [LINK]
Time: 8:00pm EST Wednesday April 27, 2001
(I don't know how long it will run. My guess is an hour or two)

If you miss it, the recording shall be placed right here on the blog, as well as linked on the facebook.


Von said...

This is excellent! Although I won't be able to see the livestream live, I still can't wait to see what you go over. Even though I am more of a Photoshop and Flash guy, I still want to get into illustrator and see some the cool things it has to offer. Anyways, I definitely can't wait to see the tutorial.

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