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Hello Everyone ,
We have added a new page to the blog that is to be all about the crew for The Taffetas! We are speaking to some very important representatives and would love to give everyone their minute to shine. So here is what we need from you guys:

Reply to us at ycarre20@student.scad.edu if you wish to be on this page with:
  • Your full name- please no nicknames, personas, or screen names
  • A link to your contact information that you want displayed- this can be a website, portfolio, professional blog, or e-mail; however, please no deviantart, furaffinity, facebook etc. accounts. When in doubt, it will be your e-mail.
  • No more than 5 sentences about you. Again, please keep it professional. Ideas include talking about your artistic and professional endeavors past and present, and why you joined Taffetas.
We’re really excited to have such a talented, dedicated crew and we want to thank everyone for their contributions to the project. Without you guys, The Taffetas could not continue to be such a success.

Thank you so much,
Tracy MacLauchlan & Yesenia Carrero

Also as a note: There are many professional sites where you can host your portfolio free. Coroflot.com, College Central.com, behence.net & Carbonmade.com just to list a few. If you don't have a portfolio site this may be a viable option for you. (I hope this helps those of you in need of one.)


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