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About The Creators | Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan

Yesenia Carrero and Tracy MacLauchlan were instant friends when they met Freshman year at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In the Winter of 2011 they decided to undertake the project they always dreamed of, working title The Taffetas.


Yesenia Carrero | Co-Creator/Director/Producer, Graphic Designer and Artist | website

Yesenia is a conceptual graphic designer with strong design, typographic, and illustration skills with commercial multidisciplinary design experience.Her past experience includes desgining on trend, high-selling Hallmark Cards, and web work for BFG interactive.


Tracy MacLauchlan | Co-Creator/Director/Producer, Animator, and Artst | website 

Tracy MacLauchlan is an animator with a a love for storytelling and mythology. She's created animations, illustrations, and character designs for companies like Mind Katalyst, Cengage Learning, and Hallmark Cards, and diligently pursues Gemini Journey by night. All the work she does is very close to her heart.


About the Crew |

--> In 2011-2012, our senior project, The Taffetas project boasted an amazing volunteer crew of our peers to create content for the pitch. Each individual listed contributed superb talent faithfully to the project, and in return we want to thank each and every one of them.

Brianna Alexander | Comic Artist for the Taffetas

As a web-comic artist and cartoonist, I put forth my best effort in efficient and expressive artwork. I'm always working on one project or another, and am currently assembling an anthology to be published in 2012. Having done two animated series pitches for WB, I'm honored to be on The Taffetas project. I hope to bring past experiences to the table, and learn more from the fellow artists involved.

Richard Gaines
| Storyboard Artist for the Taffetas

I have been working a rather broad gamut in background designs, conceptuals, storyboards, character design and even animation for a few years now. I continue to expand my horizons and learn new ideas and techniques. Hailing from New Jersey originally, I spent some years in South Florida and have finally plunged head-first into the Los Angeles area after years of dreaming.

Taffetas interested me because I liked the challenge of adopting to new styles and also I have known Tracy and Brianna from online who are both wickedly talented artists who will have distant suns in the palms of their hands!

Marilyn Cole | Illustrator & Concept Artist
I am an artist with an eclectic approach to the kind of work I do. I'm currently a senior at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania pursuing a degree in Art Education with a concentration in Sculpture. I am a freelance cartoonist/illustrator between school work. Emotion, Character, and Personality are all aspects I hold high in what I do. My work is inspired by Movement, Rhythm, and Expression because it is all representative of the fun moments of life itself. Being able to contribute to the Taffetas project is simply an honor.

Gretshelle Rivera | Storyboard Artist
Better known as Gigie,  Gretshelle is an aspiring illustrator that looks for all opportunities to portray her own characters, and others, in the most charismatic and believable way possible. She is currently a college student at St. Mary’s College of Maryland interested in the artist industry, who is already a studio artist assistant, successful freelance artist and is selling work on Etsy.com. She plans move to California after college to get an internship with Pixar in storyboarding, 2-D design, character design and any other creative slot the Pixar team needs, and she is more than willing to expand! Gigie wants to help out at Taffetas not only because the characters were quirky and the plot fun, but also as a challenge to draw characters that were not her own and the opportunity to show her work to a wider audience.

 Noelle Giffin | Background Concept Artist

Noelle is an alumna of SCAD, equipped with a degree in Sequential art (a fancy term for comic books). She does a fantasy webcomic when she isn't working in the real world, and aspires to be published by a big comic company one day. In the mean time, she is also working towards becoming a concept artist for the entertainment industry and likes working most on character, background, and costume design.

Kelsey Wooley | Storyboard Artist
I am currently a freshman in my third quarter at SCAD. My intended major is in Animation with a minor in Storyboarding. I joined the Taffeta project to learn new skills as well as get valuable experience on the work process of creating an animated production.

Tam Songdog
| Voice Actor for Lace Taffeta

  • tamsongdog@gmail.com
Tam Songdog is a Props Artisan and Production Designer. She is currently carving out a niche for herself in the haunt industry and themed entertainment. She became involved in the Taffetas as a voice actor because she believes strongly in conveying character through voice and appreciates the many opportunities Taffetas presents. She intends to continue using her dynamic acting and character skills in future endeavors synergistic with her design work.

James W. Thompson "Fox"
| Voice Actor for Cypress
I'm a horrible mix of computer science student, fledgling chef and faux novelist gamer. I've done webcomics and online webcasts in the past, however working on a project the scale of The Taffetas has been very exciting. I hope to see it come to great success. Reading the synopsis made me quite enthusiastic about being a part of it, and I'll work hard to bring Cypress to life the best way I can!

Gabriel --> Schleifer | Voice Actor for Wolf. W. W.
Brooklyn, New York native Gabriel Schleifer has spent a majority of his life dabbling in just about every form of art, including acting, filmmaking, music, musical theater and especially drawing cartoons. He began performing as a child in his mother’s hip-hop dance exhibitions and continues to MC them to this day. He attended French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts from 2004 to 2009, where he participated in such stage productions as Godspell, West Side Story, The Producers and MacBeth, as well as the independent short film That OTHER Rusty And Masquerade Movie.
Schleifer is currently studying graphic design at Kingsborough Community College, where he participates in their seasonal plays. He recently starred in the school’s highest grossing non-musical theater production, Arabian Nights. The Taffetas will be his first major acting role, for which he could not be more excited.

Kaitlyn Ritter | Storyboard Artist for the Taffetas
Nana Boachie | Created an Animatic for the Taffetas

Whitney Ponikvar | Female Fashion Designer for the Taffetas

Lucas Didelot | Fashion Designer for the Taffetas

Cassandra Rink | Created Floating Island Concept for the Taffetas

Sarah Craig | Storyboard Artist for the Taffetas
Anthony Ramos | Created Ship Concept Art for the Taffetas
Gemma Wilson |
Illustrator for the Taffetas
Tatyanna Maldonado | Created Ronnie's Sketch for Pilot Episode of the TaffetasJamie Barton | Fashion Designer for the Taffetas
Gabriela Leal | Fashion Designer for the Taffetas
Jorge Melendez | Created Male Costume Design for the TaffetasYash Gupta | Created Layout for the Taffetas
Sydney Anderson |
Created Layouts for the Taffetas
Jill L. Dykxhoorn |
Created Layout for the TaffetasChristy Leach | Graphic Designer (Print) for the Taffetas
Ruben A. Montano Jr. | Voice Actor for Veil Taffeta
Korynn LeAnne Warthen
| Voice Actor for Cook and Poppy
Leo J. Ware | Colorist for the TaffetasJameala A. Simmons | Colorist for the Taffetas
Lisa M. Cooley
| Colorist for the Taffetas

We are not looking for crew members at this time. E-mail us and watch our blog or facebook for updates on commission and internship openings.


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