Taffetas Sketchbook Page 01

Some Veil and Gemini fluff for you (our favorite), some cute Geminis, and some poms! We hope you like them.

We're going to try to make this a continuous thing to raise interest and show more ideas for The Taffetas project, so stay tuned for more!


Fyuvix said...

Man, I hope you guys publish a little sketchbook of all this stuff! IT's a great way to get everything copyrighted in one shot, btw, and also would look great to show off at conventions in your portfolio, or as part of a pitch as a leave behind! A little sketchbook with the plot premise in it! That'd be amazing.

I did a portfolio review with Disney Publishing at Comic Con, and they said that they like to see full concepts in their portfolios, basically stuff like a pitch! THey want to know the world, the characters, etc. So a little booklet would be great as a portfolio with them! You can get them printed dirt cheap at Ka-Blam.com

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