New Link to the Blog?

Hello Everyone,

We are thinking of placing a main link in the header of the blog that would allow everyone to directly view the work from our crew members. Let us know either through email or through a comment below whether that would be favorable to everyone. We would love to showcase the work we have received so far since it's been so wonderful.


Fyuvix said...

First of all, I gotta say. You guys are so freakin' pro at this! THanks so much for the email reminder! That, to me, is the biggest help so far! I hope you guys continue to send out email reminders for important updates!

I think that a link in the main header would be pretty cool. A sort of gallery or something, to view people's work for the project so we know what other people have done. You could use the Plugin: NextGen Gallery, if that works for BLogspot >.>

Also, may I make a recommendation for a forum here? It'd be great for us to talk with the other artists on the project, and for giving you guys feedback in a more interactive way. I recommend It's fast and easy to set up and free. Then you can link it in the main header, but yeah. I'd love to have a forum to talk with the other artists and for feedback/suggestions 8D

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