The Flying City

The Flying City becomes home to our main characters much later in the show and doubles as a plot device for a larger story arc going on beneath the surface.

Home to the rich and elite, it is a haven from the squalor of the ground below and promises peace, protection, and happiness for its people. Gemini, having experience in piloting ships, airplanes, and flying boats, is the perfect captain for this floating isle.

It is here Veil and Gemini live out the majority of their post-marriage lives in a large mansion in the middle of the island as one of the richest members of this domed-in society. However, just as Morticia and Gomez from Addams Family , our characters find themselves respected and idolized for their wealth and power, yet abhorred for their eccentricities.

Concept art by Cassandra Rink


Yash Gupta said...

I love that the tall building right in the center is pretty much the Chrysler building.

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