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Hello Everyone,

What a crazy midterms week it has been here at SCAD-Savannah! We're happy to say the work coming back from everyone has been amazing and we're very happy for each and every one of our contributors. However, there are a few select people who have really stood out for their dedication and hard work on the project.

Whitney Ponikvar is an amazing artist and fashionista who came to our aid with costume designs for Gemini with such consistent, high-quality, and on-target work that we can't help but love. She listened to critique well and worked diligently for us- e-mailing us about once a day with something new. We couldn't be more happy to have her on the team.

Brianna Alexander is the amazing creator and artist behind Pomp Fiction and leaped at the chance to not only work on the project, but also help it in any other way possible. She comments on our posts with helpful and insightful critique, helped to advertise for our project online, drew us a hilarious comic, and is now in the process of producing more work for us and we couldn't be more excited to see it!

Ruben A. Montano Jr is our dedicated voice actor for Veil Taffeta. From the start, he was expedient with his replies and getting auditions to us, accepted critique, and worked with us until he got it right! We're very happy to have him on the team as Veil's voice for now, and highly encourage any other projects looking for a male voice actor to contact him.

Kelsey R Wooley is but a Freshman at SCAD and already we can tell she is going to be something special. Dedicated, hard-working, and advanced in her skills for her grade level, she has been enthusiastic with working with us from the start (she even drew Veil and Gemini in her sketchbook!). We're pleased as punch with her latest storyboard submission which was delivered on-time and with a lot of love taken to it. She even inspired us for one of our side characters!

We appreciate all the hard work our whole team is doing and we really encourage everyone to keep it up. As the deadline draws near for the pitch, we're very excited to be able to boast such a talented, hard-working team. Thank you everyone!


curlyloon said...

Thank you! But it's Whitney Ponikvar now girlies :-)

Yesenia_Outrageous said...

Sorry about that!

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